TGS 07: High Velocity Bowling Pre-Show Hands-On

The PlayStation Network seems to be the outlet for some of Sony's most innovative content for the PS3, featuring games with unique concepts or which make full use of Sixaxis motion sensing technology (and sometimes both). High Velocity Bowling isn't exactly a groundbreaking concept, but it does utilise the Sixaxis controller to both choose the direction of the ball and its power. Gamespot tried out the latest build of the game at Sony's pre-TGS press event in Tokyo overnight, and they are happy to report that High Velocity Bowling seems to control much better now than in their last hands-on preview with the game.

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THE_JUDGE3903d ago

may be fun. I think that anything could be more accurate than Wii bowling so this had better be if it wants a chance to be labeled anything other than a knockoff.

goodganja3903d ago

if not then you could always play the free bowling game in home.

VaeVictus3903d ago

Some sites have it releasing tomorrow. Anyone know anything about this? I want to buy it.