TGS 07: flOw Expansion Pack Pre-Show Hands-On

flOw remains one of the trippiest games released on the PlayStation 3 so far, with the PS Network game's organic-looking design and simple yet appealing gameplay adding up to an almost hypnotic experience. The game's upcoming expansion pack adds a brand new creature, a new enemy, and some new foods--in other words, more of the same for fans of the game.

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THE_JUDGE3926d ago

not really knowing too much about it and I love it. Its unlike anything I've ever played and its so hard to explain it to someone what it is. I hope the developers keep the unique games like this coming. I haven't really beat the game but can you?

Watkins3926d ago

Yeah, I also bought it, and I like it. But I'd never pay for an expansion. A new creature isn't that great, won't add much to the gameplay.

chrisin33926d ago

as long as it's cheap. If it's under 5 then why the hell not. This is just an inventive and fun game.

INehalemEXI3926d ago

That should be free expansion imo, the game was fun but thats not much content.

Marceles3926d ago

This game was my play-before-going-to-sleep game. I liked playing it in the dark on my HDTV and it sounds awesome with surround sound. I would just play it for a little while and then next thing I knew...zzzzzz, not to say it was boring, but it's a really relaxing and cool game.

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The story is too old to be commented.