Gran Turismo Goes to Daytona

Ign tend to hear about new cars when looking at Gran Turismo, but the focus of Famitsu's latest update is on a new course. The Daytona International Speedway will be making its first appearance in the Gran Turismo series through Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, the magazine reports. Players will be able to select from the oval course and road course variations of the track.

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nekon3717d ago

That's great, more realistic tracks! Daytona is a great track.

Chris_GTR13717d ago

oh no! this map is restricted to left turns! hopefully they dont pull some redneck stuff on us and make it 300 laps

1ben23717d ago

lmao i was thinking the same thing hehehe

popup3717d ago

Good job they don't make a rally track of it. Your co-driver would be like, "easy left, easy left, easy.."

goodganja3717d ago

Watch Sega try to cash in on this announcemenet by making a Daytona USA remake. Although I would like to hear the song again.


yunus203717d ago

love every thing about gt5 accept waiting.i love more tracks.

Armyless3717d ago

Why didn't Yamauchi think of this sooner?

GREAT add. Wait 'til you hit those banks at 180+.