IGN’s Greg Miller has no idea why his Dead Space 2 review sucks

gamejournos: Have you read IGN’s review of Dead Space 2, published at the tail end of last week? If you haven’t, allow me to offer my appraisal of the work: It’s a terribly-written, poorly-constructed mess of a review that, as many have pointed out, reads like it was penned by nine year-old with a marketing degree.

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GSpartan7772402d ago

This picture basically points out what Reddit was trying to tell IGN's reviewer about his Dead Space 2 review -

Despite the good score, it was a pretty poor written review.

SasanovaS19872402d ago

funniest thing is, majority of these journalists are a waste of oxygen, yet the review scores are taken so seriously. why, i will never know

toaster2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

He replied to Reddit btw.

Mmmkay2402d ago

i don't care about the reviews. i play what i like.

lociefer2402d ago

lol fuckin grammar nazis, give the guy a break , every1 is subjected to errors , even crappy sites like ign

ExplosionSauce2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

The level of Grammar Nazism is even bigger than his errors.
I read the review and looked past these since everything written made sense. I didn't have to go back and reread a sentence because of how bad it was, because really, it wasn't that bad.

looks like it was made by one of my old teacher, buy with a demeaning sarcastic tone.

ChrisGTR12402d ago

so now were getting people that are reviewing reviews? some people just have too much time to spare.

edhe2402d ago

"lol fuckin grammar nazis, give the guy a break , every1 is subjected to errors , even crappy sites like ign"

You'd think that someone who composes words *for a living* would actually do it right, no?

nix2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

but IGN DOES SUCK... Greg!!!

@toaster: thanks for the link. q; you should read the first comment there. he gets killed right there! BAAM!

EDIT: i wonder where HHG and the kinds rank here in this debate! i hope they are keeping a close look here.

morganfell2402d ago Show
Kleptic2402d ago

Ok...So this entire situation is based on the 'community' finally firing back at a reviewer...and the reviewer there by being 'confused' as to what wasn't liked...

I get that...and guess it needed to happen...but I read this review the day it came up...and watched the video review (which actually gives the reader/viewer the same overall 'gist', but in a much better fashion imo)...and even though it was poorly written; this was hardly a prime example of how gaming journalism has become little more than a joke lately...

The biggest point is just don't take these things seriously...There was a time where gaming journalists had the amounts of credibility needed to properly justify their opinions...a case of 'they might know about this shit more than you do'...not the case anymore...its their fault, they blew it, leave it at that...and simply stop taking them seriously...They won't irritate all...if you take that approach...

and to me...the best sites for getting game info are from the guys that actually talk about how ridiculous their own jobs are...I listen to Giantbomb's bombcast pretty often, and while each dude on there can have some pretty scathing opinions about certain titles and franchises that I actually enjoy...they are always the first to point out how often they are they read hate mail...

Baka-akaB2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Lol the "anti-grammar nazi" brigad is maybe precisely why that kind of writer still thrives .

As long as guys like that dont care and represent the majority , they'll be successful .

But yeah he's hardly the worst offender . At least the content made sense . A big + compared to the usual crap

Motorola2402d ago

@GenoZStriker Who ever made that picture should have circled "Follow Us on Twitter" and said, "If you tweet as well as you write reviews, no :)"

Kurt Russell2402d ago

I agree the writing is shit. But I don't understand why anyone gives a shit... If a crap program on TV comes on, I change channel.

PS3pwnsyou2402d ago

English isn't even my native language but the correction from Reddit has a typo, it says "paragraph begains" instead of "paragraph begins" lol

I guess if you're gonna rip apart another writer your correction should be 100% perfect, so LMAO PWNED HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA

inveni02402d ago

I think it's stupid to expect a video game journalist to write a Pulitzer...

jeseth2402d ago

Some people need to step back and look at some of the things they waste there time complaining about.

This may be the low of lows.

What's next?

"The game sucked but the 'A. Author' had yet another AAA review! IGN pwns all others reviewers"

Seriously guys and there that much of a gaming drought? The constant complaining is getting pathetic.

ZombieNinjaPanda2402d ago

when your job is being a reviewer and writing reviews there should be some professionalism.

wsoutlaw872402d ago

The point though, is that it isn't just the grammar, the review itself is also very poorly written. It's more about how he enjoyed it and played it more than once, than the game itself. He also set up his review like a kid in school who is writing his first paper. "I’m going to write about..." is straight out of the 4th grade handbook along with "My paper was about..." for a conclusion. If the only problem with the review was some grammar mistakes he would get a few comments about them and people would move on. This review however made everyone wonder if this was actually written by someone who considers them self a possessional journalist and reviewer.

HappyGaming2402d ago

Will someone review the review of IGN's review?
Maybe we should even give the review of the review a score so we can have more things argue about on N4G.

ReservoirDog3162402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Haha, I guys...are overreacting...just a bit. It wasn't terribly* written. Probably not a guy with a major in english but whatever. I'm sure anyone that writes lol or brb or btw or anything like that can live after reading it.

edit: On topic (or possibly off topic?), Dead Space 2 sounds really good. And I didn't even play 1.

smashman982402d ago

lol jesus christ these are video game reviews, not economical crisis articles

I personally like the unprofessional ways of ign i mean seriously we play games for fun and when it comes to video game reviews i just wanna know if its good or not in most cases.

And they usually get the point across well i mean do u people honestly get distracted by these gramatical errors. u make it seem as if he wrote it like

"Deadspace2 iz da shit 4reals its badass and scary and cool and its just better than the first part which was pretty beast u know?"

when they write it like that then ill complain but for now im more than happy

MeanOldman2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

wow the mods really have it in for morg. 21-2 on the agrees an hes trollin?????????????????????

jus how is what he said trollin when he is agreein with the article? these mods is so biased it reeks. an people wonder was wrong with this place. you got people in this thread attackin other people but thas okay. morg agrees with the article but hes trollin? dont need no more proof that some people is targeted by the mods. when a competing site shows up thas fair these people here got no one to blame but theyselves.

kancerkid2401d ago

Video games are serious business.

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ugabugaz2402d ago

Yeah, Very clearly illustrated. I'm pretty sure he gets it, he's just trying to defend himself at this point.

SnuggleBandit2402d ago

Most reviews are written this poorly, I don't see what the big fuss is. "Professional" game reviewers have lost pretty much all of their credibility this gen.

Their waning professionalism though, doesn't just stop at their poor grammar. Just look at how many gaming controversies there have been in the past few years.

Gamespot's "too much variety" review
Destructoid's "perfect 10" review
Every single site taking advantage of "the console wars"

The list goes on and on...

Armyless2402d ago

Most reviews are written poorly. The job requirements of game "journalism" is the breadth of game experience one has acquired through their lifetime... which is inversely proportional to the amount of time one has dedicated to studying their homework.

egidem2402d ago

Let's just say that Greg's scary grammar teacher came back for payback.

CaptainPunch2402d ago

Who cares what a no name site thinks. Whoever wrote the article has too much time on their hands. Play the fucking game.

JTHomeslice2402d ago

I hope someone got college credit for this.

Liefx2402d ago

Just so everyone knows, he replied to Reddit AGAIN, this time ridiculing the review of the review. I would link you but Reddit is down right now.

Sony3602401d ago

Someone should make a review about his review of the IGN review.

Yeah, it's all stupid. Get off the "IGN sux!!1" bandwagon, you idiots. You all howl the same bullshit and never say why, other than some hypocritical nonsense about how they scored X game higher than Y game.

Oh and spelling errors. Boo fucking hoo. Have a day off would you?

zeddy2402d ago

its a pretty poor written review? and what qualifies you to to say that? and what qualifies gamejournos opinion? any idiot can open up a site and say something or do a review. i've read the review i dont see anything wrong with it, then again i dont have a degree in english grammer or maybe the review wasent written for people with a degree in english grammer or maybe it was just done for the regular guy.

Redempteur2401d ago

Soory but people have pointed out the grammar errors in the review numerous times , see one of the first posts ..

i don't care when it's one typo ..or two ... but no on the whole article .. that's his job .

I'm a programmer and yes i can make a mistake .. one bug or two .. but i'm pretty sure you won't accept a full bug-ridden program coming from me .

Nikhil2402d ago

The guy that's "editing" clearly knows less about grammar than he thinks. He refers to the future tense as the conditional, and thinks that switching tenses from the present progressive to the present is incorrect... What a doucher. I swear, some people just get off on what they think is their own brilliance.