Halo 3 sold early: Argos official response

UK high street retailer Argos has responded to claims that a gamer has been able to buy a copy of Halo 3 six days earlier than the 26 September official release date (25 September in US) from one of their stores. The reason, according to an Argos spokesperson is apparently down to a 'genuine administrative error'.

Their full response is as follows:

"Argos would like to make it clear that it does not endorse breaking street dates and continues to be committed to preventing pre-release sales through its stores and web site. However, we are aware that a genuine administrative error has resulted in a small number of cases where Halo 3 has already been sold. We are currently ensuring that there are no further sales of this product in-store until the official release date, Wednesday 26 September. We have already taken steps to ensure that Halo 3 is unavailable on the Argos web site for reservation or purchase until the correct date."

"We accept that this incident falls short of the usual high standards we aim to achieve and operate within and we will be taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen in the future."

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hate_ps3_until_ffvii3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

When everyone in japan will buy this game the ps3 will go downnn....

PS massacre September 25th-27th

Will go in history...The end of Sony

AnalFace3715d ago

This guy is really retarded! I guess he's american. Oh well.

ArduousAndy3715d ago

he must be american because of his comment. And you must be an arrogant jerk.


Chexd3715d ago

WOW and your really racist!

I was about to stick up for #1 suggesting sarcasm but i checked his other comments...he is indeed a stupid fanboy...

so yes he personally he is an ididot....but dont judge an entire country based on one "retard"

solidt123715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

What makes you think Halo 3 will sell good in Japan if no other FPS does good in Japan. Third Person Shooters do alot better over there. On top of that not many people even care about a Xbox 360 in Japan. Look at the sells data. thats Nintendo and Sony land.

hate_ps3_until_ffvii3715d ago

How does FPS games not do well in japan, they are like the country with the higest population of gamers. they are all mixed... its not liek they are all FPS haters...

either way i hate sony they messed up with Fininl Fantasy 12

hate_ps3_until_ffvii3715d ago

am not racist u bast#rd i like the japanese they make final fantasy and resiendt evil.

and i luv anime so how am i racist......

I hope u hgtet run over

Gil3715d ago

Since you think it is fair to assume that hate_ps3_until_ffvii is an American just because he made a stupid comment, would it be fair for me to assume that because you are from Europe that you have bad teeth? or maybe you stink really bad? got a girlfriend with some nice hairy armpits? or maybe you and your countrymen are a bunch of wine and cheese eating cowards?

PlayStation3603715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

they weren't calling you racist bro. they were calling Just Louie a racist for his comment "This guy is really retarded! I guess he's american."

And about your comment. It's true that First Person Shooters don't do well in Japan. Now I'm not saying Halo 3 will do bad in Japan, Famitsu gave it good reviews. So maybe this time will be different. But History shows that Japan and FPS do not work out well.

Chexd3715d ago


I was trying to stick up for you really are an idiot!

+ Show (6) more repliesLast reply 3715d ago

that has to be one of worst fan boy comments so far, you don't make " xbots " look any better then the ps3 halo haters.

anyway, back on subject....i just checked the argos site and they have closed the link to reserve or order.

still, can't wait for this game..

DeZimatoR3715d ago

Man that guy is so pathetic he doesn't make up to the standarts of being an xbot, let alone a fanboy :p

ben8063715d ago

Dammit argos just sell me a copy!

caffman3714d ago

I tried to order a copy and it said item not recognised!