Gameroni: Top 21 in 2010 - 7) StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

2010 was a busy year and it saw the release of a bunch of great games. Staff and regular freelance contributors at Gameroni had the opportunity to play a wide variety of titles over the past 12 months and together we've compiled a list of 21 of our favorite games from the period. These are the ones that had the biggest impact on us, not necessarily the industry as a whole. We're sharing that list with you now, one title per day over a period of three weeks. Though there's only a loose order to this list, in general you can know that we liked games more as we work toward the number one selection.

Andrew Cretella writes: "I know the secret behind StarCraft’s success: within a single title, it contained a single-player experience and a multiplayer experience that were both among the best gaming has ever seen. As a single-player game, StarCraft is a title that people still remember over a decade later, and as a multiplayer game, it’s one that people still play over a decade later. It is as strong of a game in the absolute mechanical sense as it is in the sensory and affective sense, one that satisfied casual players and the hardcore alike. Few, if any, games can make similar claims, except for perhaps StarCraft II."

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