GameArena Dead Space 2 Review

The methods employed to make the player scared of - at times - nothing at all are flawlessly executed, so if you’re after an actually scary game you should look no further than Dead Space 2. The game plays like it was borne of a scientific experiment designed to test the best methods for delivering interactive horror fiction.

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IaMs122554d ago

Whoa careful reading this, luckly i just scanned it but it seems like they go into detail about the game, even the ending so there might be some spoilers. I didnt want to read it because well i saw some keywords indicating.

Tottigamer2554d ago

Hey it doesn't have any spoilers he sorta talks about them and then specifically says he won't spoil it.

He barely talks about the story at all which is a bit lame, but it's a good review anyway.

Kos-Mos2554d ago

After playing the demo I KNOW this game deserves nothing more than 7-8/10.
Reviewers are way to nice this generation.

Tottigamer2551d ago

lol you 'KNOW' from playing a demo?

I don't think reviewers are at fault here.