GameSpot: Modern Combat: Domination Review

It's a bit retro; it's not as fully featured as its big-buck retail counterparts, and mediocre AI makes the single-player experience totally missable. But the game has it where it counts, so you won't much care about these flaws when you're in the middle of a tense firefight.

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MAJ0R2649d ago

interesting, I suspected lower based on other reviews but a good score for how much it costs

MintBerryCrunch2649d ago

if you have played Counter Strike before...then you will like this game

Agheil2649d ago

The game is 8 bucks cmon, I love it

Zack_Fair2649d ago

6 to psn plus.
great price, great game.

nikrel2649d ago

Yeah this reminds me of counter-strike with better graphics and I can use the move, I find the move better than the DS3 on this title.

TooTall192649d ago

Yeah. My only complaint is you can't change the turning speed, and there aren't enough control layouts!

sprayNpray2647d ago

You could change the sensitivity the last time I looked.

StarScream4Ever2649d ago

I look at this the other way around: Its the score COD should received.

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