GameSpot: TGS 07: Unreal Tournament III PS3 Pre-Show Update

Epic veep and all-around spokesman Mark Rein was on hand tonight at Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show preview event at the company's headquarters to show off a recent build of Unreal Tournament III for the PlayStation 3, and to talk about the future of the game's development on the platform. Production is indeed proceeding apace and the game is still roughly on track to release on the PS3 in November, in accordance with Epic's previous statements -- although those guys can always fall back on their favored-developer status and play the "when it's done" card if they need more time.

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JIN KAZAMA3896d ago

PS3 and PC players be able to play against each other?

mighty_douche3896d ago

and as the ps3 version supports keyboard & mouse so you can have....

keyboard & mouse (pc) Vs keyboard & mouse (ps3) or...
keyboard & mouse (pc) Vs controller (ps3)

ps3 guys should probably just play ps3 guys or run the risk of getting owner by the pc gamers! still, if you fancy a challange!

JIN KAZAMA3896d ago

I'll get the keyboard and mouse. And I welcome all challengers.

wil4hire3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Cross platform play.. WOW. Thats going to be amazing. PC gamers are definitely going to need to hook up a mouse/keyboard for this one. unreal is way too fast for a analog stick.

solidt123896d ago

I just ordered y mouse and I'm ready to get them foolz

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sheng long3896d ago

I still get owned by pc gamers, lol. whenever i play UT2004, but i can hold my own on some maps.

Danman353896d ago

this game is going to own on PS3 and Bladstar and The Mart I know your not here yet but please punch yourselfs in the face

Wingnut263896d ago

"Bladstar and The Mart I know your not here yet but please punch yourselfs in the face"

Classic lol.

doublertist3896d ago

bubblez for life for you for that one!

Relientk773896d ago

i cant wait for this game it looks amazing

chacokiss3896d ago

but can you change the 1st person view to 3rd person. I'm not a big fan of FPS. I am playing warhawk now and the pics of Unreal blows warhawk out of the water! NICE!

d3l33t3896d ago

i dont think it's possible. but when you are in vehicles it switches to 3rd (naturally)