How Dead Space 2 Can Reinvigorate Survival Horror queries how Dead Space 2 can reinvigorate the Survival Horror genre.

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N311V2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

I agree with all the points except the one about Isacc having no voice in DS1. That actually anoyed me, I couldn't make a connection with a mute charater which in turn made the story in DS1 dull for me. I'm excited he has a voice in DS2 and I'm subsequently hoping the story is much improved.

UnwanteDreamz2878d ago

That's funny because often I can't make a connection with speaking videogame characters because the voice acting or dialog are crap. I liked the fact that Isacc didn't speak in the first. You didn't have to worry about him hammin it up.

N311V2878d ago

That has happened to me before too. Not for a long time though, long long enough that I can't remember the last time I stopped playing because of terrible voice acting/dialog. Came close with FFXIII, if Snow called himself a hero one more time...

7bitarcade2879d ago

'Resident Evil 5 went wrong in offering more straight-up action than genuine moments of tension and survival, which is where it differed so much from RE4.'

Completely agree with that statement, the balance was not right for a Resi game.

Also I heard from a friend who has already completed it that Issac starts to sound like a bellcheese towards the end of the game.

UnwanteDreamz2878d ago

This is coming from a long time serious fan of Survival Horror videogames.

Survival Horror is dead.

The few franchises that ever did it right don't exist anymore or have turned their backs on fans and the genre.