New finger melting DLC announced for Guitar Hero II

A new pack of Guitar Hero II songs downloadable through Xbox Live will be available on Thursday September 20. The pack will cost the standard 500 points and will get you, Trivium's "Detonation", Atreyu "Right Side of the Bed" and Protest the Hero's "Bury the Hatchet."

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Syko3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I don't mind paying the 500 Billy Bucks for Original content as much as I did when they were rehashing Guitar Hero 1 songs. These songs sound like they are going to rock.

Here are YouTube links for all 3 songs:

Protest the Hero :



sticky doja3834d ago

Big agree there, even though I still fill its a lil overpriced, better than old stuff they have already purchased the rights for, and I have already played.

Omegasyde3834d ago

100% agree. Awesome Metal songs, but still over priced. They should of made each a dollar.

Ravenator5293834d ago

Couldn't agree more. I didn't bother with the Guitar Hero 1 songs considering I have the game for my PS2. But the original content like these songs and the "My Chemical Romance" pack, are awesome.

I can deal with the 500 points. I'll get way more use out of these songs for 500 points than I would with some old Atari retro crap arcade game at 400 points.

Bnet3433834d ago

can't wait to go over to Major Nelson's site and read the 200 comments worth of complaints about the pricing on these b*tches n' cream

WilliamRLBaker3834d ago

nice picture used for the article.

protest663833d ago

I do agree that the pricing on this content is bad, but Protest The Hero they are a small band that is not very known, good job red octane.

JustInTlME3833d ago

i want these now!!! where are they???