Fight Night Champion Demo Details

Get ready for head-to-head online play in the Fight Night Champion demo due out February 1st. Four fighters are included with the bouts going three rounds.

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TronEOL2878d ago

I'll be playing this for sure. I'm really liking the direction they're taking Fight Night.

bacrec12878d ago

Agreed. Looks amazing, and will most likely play the same way.

bacrec12878d ago

Fantastic! I really think this game will make up for round 4's garbage.

Quagmire2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )


Boy, you high? FNR4 was the best FNR game, until Champion comes along.

And great character choices for the demo, M Ali, M Tyson and M Pacquio is all I needed. Hope the demo has offline fighting against AI too, hate the people who play online.

bacrec12878d ago

Absolutely not. Stamina was broken. The mini game put in place to get back up was as well. Round 3 was just a better boxing simulation overall. Boy!

Big_Dom2878d ago

Was it fuck! FNR4 is easily the best boxing sim ever made. I've played a few of the FN games since they first started coming out, and none of them touch R4. Funny how you call FNR3 a sim too. All you had to do is throw a stiff, robotic haymaker all fight long to knock someone out. You try that in R4 and you get countered and knocked out.

bacrec12878d ago

Maybe you're getting confused with UFC, because I distinctly remember boxers absorbing the hits in this game like a sponge. You seem like somebody that's never been in a fight before, so let me enlighten you. No one in real life is taking all of those hits and maintaining the level of stamina that FNR4 allows. Rude ass!

Big_Dom2877d ago

My ass is class. What are you talking about? What is a rude ass? Last time I checked it was nice and firm.

eggbert2878d ago

*expecting to see something about them fixing the online component


*don't see anything about them fixing the online component

nevin12877d ago

Knockout Kings >>>>> Fight Night Series