So Where Are the Next Generation of Consoles?

Obviously, times have changed and our computers have not only evolved, but they have brought with them the birth of our favorite gaming devices as well. We are now able to download fully functional games off of the Internet and play them with our friends. Discs and CD's, much like cassettes and cartridges, are becoming things of the past.

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Troll_Police2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

The next gen of gaming always starts when Sony says so.

chilled2m2883d ago

Thats weird, I thought the 360 came out before the PS3 this gen. I must be mistaken...

MisterAV2882d ago

it came out earlier and we know how reliable was(is)...

Jaces2882d ago

The next gen of unreliable hardware, sure. :)

chilled2m2882d ago

Masterfully played MisterAV and Jaces!
divert our attention to something that has nothing to do with the conversation at hand. smooooth

Jaces2882d ago

"Thats weird, I thought the 360 came out before the PS3 this gen. I must be mistaken..."

divert our attention to something that has nothing to do with the conversation at hand. smooooth

;D Smooooth indeed, hypocrite.

MysticStrummer2882d ago

The important word you missed was NEXT, chilled2m.

Dramscus2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Xbox 360 was not next generation. Mostly because it was not origionally hd. It is however very adaptable and has pushed itself narrowly into next gen.
Next gen is a manner of definition. It's probably touchscreen devices. Or motion devices like move and kinect. Possibly even 3d like ps3 and 3ds. All are the seeds of next generation. We are presently in a transitional faze.

The next standard generation of home consoles should be groundbreaking. Pushing new technology while perfecting the shoddy motion controls and poorly done 3d we have presently. It will probably start with nintendo maybe next year then microsoft and sony last.
Sony will probably plan to compete the ps3 against the competitions next gen consoles for a few years.

BattleAxe2882d ago

The PS3 will still be next gen when the competition rolls out their next gen consoles.

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Persistantthug2882d ago

Disks or some hardform medium is a necessity for alot of people.

HolyOrangeCows2882d ago

"So Where Are the Next Generation of Consoles?"

In the DISTANT future, where we want them.

DeadlyFire2882d ago

By E3 2012 you will know the name of all 3 of the new console and see OTOY demoed. GaiKai maybe, and OnLive likely. All three of the streaming game platforms are likely to bid on getting put into the next generation of consoles. Their platform is all digital if they can land on a console then they are set for that console having support of their platform as bandwidth is pretty much the only requirement for the cloud gaming devices and tech.

Still a Disc format will be required for games. Bandwidth simply isn't that widely available to all to slap no disc format in the console. Unless another equal or faster medium is available. While USB flash drives are nice potential option they are still too expensive for such a use with the right kinda size requirements.

I am betting one of the new consoles hit E3 2011. Which one is uncertain. I know PSP 2, and 3DS are coming to E3 2011.

By end of 2012 we will know all we need to know about next gen consoles or may even be holding one of them and playing them by end of 2012. Never know. Sony seems to have put all of its exclusive eggs in 2011 basket. For the most part anyway. Might be a way to prepare a certain batch of titles for PS4 launch. Time will tell. Likely E3 2012 we get first glimpse of those titles. E3 2011 is likely place we will learn of new console being in development for certain from at least 2 console makers.

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xxxAnubisxxx2883d ago

I think it will be interesting to see how the industry handles this change...

yarbie10002883d ago

Im just waiting on virtual reality...i dont wanna wear big goofy goggles though

DBLDeathDealer2883d ago

Let's go back to 8 tracks.

That would rock. CoD on an 8 Track. Heck yeah.

xxxAnubisxxx2883d ago

8 Tracks would be pretty sweet...

gamerzBEreal172883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

i bet the next gen of consoles will be so awsome thats why the calender stoped at 2012 not because the worlds ending but because the dudes who made it knew they were just gunna be playing games the whole year

Mmmkay2882d ago

2013 will be virtual reality..? hmm

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