Lightsabers on Wii: Will it work?

With 2007's Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, developer LucasArts potentially made every male nerd's wet dream come true with the announcement that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be coming to the Wii (as well as Xbox 360 and the PS3 in Spring 2008). Finally the wand we've been waving at our TV screens like donuts for a year will finally fulfil its true destiny and become a lightsaber.

Most Wii owners will know first hand that there is, at best, a small delay between your actions with the wand and the action on screen. Most will admit that launch game Red Steel, which gave the player the opportunity to use a samurai sword, didn't set the world alight. Other games, like Harry Potter, which sees you waving the wand like a... err, wand, worked, but your didn't see Harry cast a spell until you triggered it with an appropriate motion. The less said about the latest Tiger Woods on the Wii the better.

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thorstein3901d ago

Yes!! This was the very reason for me to drop 499 and get the PS3. And now... I don't have to and get to use my stick as a saber.

TechWiz3901d ago

I'm excited about the news. Unfortunately I do not own a Wii. If the game gets great reviews with the Wii remote, I will get one immediately.

scorch663901d ago

now the wii will really start to sell nintendo obviously realised how many star wars fans have waited for agame like this hahahaha

Rooftrellen3901d ago

Light sabers could work with less delay than a normal sword, simply because actions in other games, such as Zelda, your movements make the character react like hitting a button, because that is the only way to work it, really. If you bearly touch someone with a sword, it won't hurt them, so a motion takes the place of hitting a button, more or less, with a normal sword. Until you do the full motion, you don't see the results.

A lightsaber would be different, though, because the slightest touch would cause damage. It shouldn't be required to have to go though a full swing to get a full swing. If it is done so that a slight tap would hurt, it shouldn't be required to make the full motion before seeing the results, which could lead to a smaller lag time and a more realistic experiance.

I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but if they pull this off right, I'll have to get the game. It's all about giving freedom of motion.