Skyrim: Building Better Combat

GameInformer: In game development, the visual improvements, non-player character AI tweaks, and new storytelling philosophies are all for naught if the base activity the player performs the most frequently is uninteresting or unrefined. In the case of an action role-playing game like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, those activities are swinging swords, shooting arrows, or casting spells at the myriad bloodthirsty enemies rushing toward you in foreboding dungeons of Tamriel. Aware of the combat shortcomings and exploits players used in Oblivion, the developers at Bethesda Studios went back to the drawing board to forge a new direction for Skyrim.

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Legionaire20052884d ago

Skyrim FTW!!!! Might even be better than Mass Effect 3 and Two Worlds 2. Hope the Next Fallout game use this updated engine!!!

nevermore2884d ago

this is going to be awesome