Disney lays off Epic Mickey developers?

Various industry sources are reporting that Disney Interactive has started to lay off personnel from Junction Point, the developer who produced Epic Mickey, led by Warren Spector.

Most of the information is being leaked via tweets from developers sending shout outs to their friends who have apparently been laid off.

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NYC_Gamer2879d ago

wow,i thought epic mickey sold near 2 million copies.

nygamer282879d ago


guitarded772879d ago

This sucks... the studio is just down the highway from where I live. It's always sad to see people get laid off from an industry I enjoy. Best of luck to anyone on the shit end of that mess

JonahFalcon2879d ago

No. It sold 1.61M (1.2M in US).

badz1492879d ago

the situation is really THIS bad? really didn't know. so no epic mickey for PS3? :-(

Blaine2879d ago

It's WAY too late for that. If they ever do release it on PS3, it'll just be a HD-remastered version which I wouldn't give a f*** about. I'd have definitely been interested if the game had been built from the ground up for the PS3 though--just imagine the crazy gameplay possibilities they could've come up with on better hardware.

badz1492879d ago

I think they made their point with the Wii version already and let's be real now. even if the game get a PS3 version, only the resolution will be higher nothing else will be better! I'm just hoping the game coming to the PS3 as it is. if wanting something what it "would've been", I'd rather have a new game altogether!

PrimordialSoupBase2879d ago

It's probably just the usual in between projects redundancies.

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Graey2879d ago


I remember E3 when they were bragging about that game. LOL...

JonahFalcon2879d ago

Considering games like Dead Space Extraction sold 70K units, and Kirby's Epic Yarn barely broke 1M...

Seferoth752879d ago

70k? Try 340k as a watered down rail shooter follow up to a game that didnt even hit 1 million on either console.

1 Million is bad now after 2 months? So you must consider a good portion of the PS3/library to be failed games as well.
Too bad you didnt bother to look at other games sales on other consoles and not just the best selling one. You'd find Kirby outsold a good number of PS3/360 games that had a lot more time on the market.

Oh wait you are a toll. Knowing what you are talking about is beyond your abilities

Octo12879d ago

Is this the curse of "it was released for the Wii"?I know that most of the reviews of the games, reviewers ripped on the controls.
This is the problem with games that's not from Nintendo. Games like Mad World,No More Heroes does not get enough attention and its a real shame.

Buff10442879d ago

MadWorld and NMH will never be great examples of games not selling well on Wii because they are so niche. You can't expect consumers at large to take much of an interest in them.

MGRogue20172879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

I do feel sorry for 'em.. but it's a very good business decision on Disney's part.

It's because of those devs that Epic Mickey sucked so much horse dick.. so.. but Hey, At least Disney waited until after Christmas to sack 'em.

It's time to employ some new fresh developers who actually have some talent & good ideas for new IPs & titles that might actually sell.

JonahFalcon2879d ago

Yeah. What the fuck does Warren Spector know about developing games?

yewles12879d ago

You need a sarcasm tag...

MGRogue20172879d ago

Warren Spector isn't being sacked though, is he?

I don't believe so.

HungryGoku2879d ago

Derp should have made it for the Ps3 thats where the money is at.

siliticx2879d ago

To the disagrees : I guess that Kingdom Hearts sold really poorly. amiright?

evrfighter2879d ago

Kingdom hearts came out for ps3?

ChickeyCantor2879d ago

Kingdom hearts is mainly bought by the RPG fans.
And in Japan this is a big thing.

siliticx2878d ago

No, but let's just say you are a RPG fan, got a PS2 and a few years later bought a PS3. Back in the day, you enjoyed KH a lot and disney is cool for ya.

Wouldnt you at elast consider mickey?

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