New scan of the unannounced Kingdom Hearts title

A new high quality scan of the unannounced Kingdom Hearts project from today's Famitsu issue has surfaced. The scan features several new images that were not included in yesterday's V-Jump magazine, including a picture of Terra.

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cloud3603866d ago

PSP game

PS3 one for Tokyo Game Show

Cant wait..i always knew the time would come when the PS3 dominates the 360 and thats at the tokyo game show

pwnsause3866d ago

I think thats kindom hearts zero for PSP, at least the PSP is now getting the games we actually want.

goodganja3866d ago

Tokyo game show equals Sony's dominance. I mean who would announced 360 news at a JAPANESE event. And we all know how 360 is doing there. Microsoft had their chance to win on their home american turf and they failed against sony.

This further confirms that Kingdom Hearts will be PS3 exclusive. Looking at the graphic scan, it's too powerful for Wii.

tehcellownu3866d ago

I hope its for the PS3 but if its for the psp..i guess it be nice too

lonestarmt3866d ago

this looks a lot like that secret trailer you get on kingdom hearts 2 when you beat it getting everything. I heard that kingdom hearts 3 doesn't go with the normal time line and might not even have disney characters!

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The story is too old to be commented.