BulletStorm Demo Screens (RunDLC)

BulletStorm seems like the perfect game for folks who can't sit still. You just run all over the place shooting scumbags and then killing them in delightfully awful ways.

Thankfully, the demo hits Xbox Live and PSN tomorrow. We'll post impressions, but for now, peep these sweet looking screens.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Belasco2587d ago

Looks like it might be fun.

jdktech20102587d ago

Yea...not a world beater of a game but I want something fresh and unique....I'm a bit tired of super serious war shooters all over the place (Killzone 3 included though I will buy and play it)

It's gonna be a nice change of pace hopefully

Belasco2587d ago

Oh lord, you went and said something remotely negative about KZ3, oh noes they are takin your bubbles!

Biggest2587d ago

Killzone 3 is totally the topic here right?

jdktech20102587d ago

It is if you can't use simple english skills to figure out the true subject of my post....

Just in case...

Subject: Bulletstorm
Analogy mistaken for Subject: Super serious war shooters like Killzone 3

DarkFantasy2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Simple English skills??? on N4G ???.... This dose not compute...error...error...

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SIX2587d ago

Predicting this game will look and perform like bum hole on the PS3.

Bathyj2587d ago

Not my type of game. This looks like UT which isnt a bad thing if its your pace. I prefer a bit more tactical.

The dismemberment looks nice though.