Microsoft threatens Halo 3 gamers with LIVE ban

When contacted by Pro-G a Microsoft rep confirmed rumours that gamers who play Halo 3 early will have their LIVE accounts banned. Simply not connecting to the internet doesn't appear to be a solution either. The rep also confirmed that Microsoft is able to ban accounts based on information collected by the console which shows when the game was played. This news is sure to come as a shock to some gamers who have already started playing the final chapter in the blockbuster Halo trilogy.

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AliC3868d ago

Thats kind of harsh isn't it?

uxo223868d ago

I think it is a bit harsh to ban the live account. You paid 60 bucks like everyone else. Instead of jumping on the consumer, MS should be putting their foot in the A$$ of the jerk merchants that are selling it early.

The problem with gamers in this type of situation is their inability to keep their mouths close. People will beat the game by not sleeping until they do, then they want to create a blog to post end game spoilers and other things to ruin it for the masses.

This is probably why MS is threatening to ban their accounts.

fjtorres3868d ago

MS is, and always has been deadly serious about the terms of use clauses for the console, LIVE, and the games.
Games sold before release are sold in violation of the retailer's contract (and could be easily be counterfeit or pirated) so putting a damper on the consumer side in addition to fining the retailer is quite reasonable.
Remember, you never actually *buy* software, movies, music, etc; all you "buy" is a license that grants you the right to access the content on the disk. This license has strings attached, regardless of whether you're "buying" from MS, Sony, or whoever.
So, legally, they are in the right.
Morally and ethically, the vast majority of would-be buyers who don't have access to illegally-released copies won't mind.
And PR-wise they win both ways; with free exposure in the media from the "controversy" and from the fans who will be waiting til the 25th.
They have nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain, especially by pointing out that Live is *not* a free-fire zone; there are rules and there are consequences to violating the rules.
That point is very much worth making at every chance.
Some customers you simply don't want on your network.

rubarb233868d ago

it is kinda harsh. a good idea would be to freeze the accounts until 9/25/07 but permanently? that's hard core man. i think the stores should get it up the ass from MS, why should gamers be punished? if a hot item is released sooner than expected who in their right mind wouldn't buy it?

secret3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Like Ninja Giaden 2, with graphics like these, it hints that the xbox360 has maxed out graphically.

You should be concerned that this is a third / fourth gen title that is very (very) important like a new release of Mario and Ninja Gaiden. There should've been a breakthrough in graphical power, righ?

A) By the way, DVD isn't really hi-def despite talks about 720p / 1080p or else we wouldn't need HD-DVD or Bluray.

B) By the way, xbots will have spent the most money by the end of this generation for these reasons:
1) Internet fees of almost $400 to $500
2) Upgrading consoles for defective reasons
3) Buying a standalone bluray player (most likely a PS3) and / or an HD-DVD add on because the xbox360 lacks those
4) Buying a Wii because of motion sensing and eye toy that are lacking
5) Probably upgrading to the xbox720, adding another $400 to $600 because in a few years, the PS3 will put on its turbo boost and the xbox360 can't keep up anymore so it will release a new console prematurely to compete
6) all the number of games and movies and accessories purchased

Whether you like to believe it or not, that's the most money ever spent by people who brag about saving money.

C) By the way, micorosft is responsible for the crime of not only releasing fualty hardware, but also for restricting high quality graphics in this gen's games. Look at Halo or Ninja Gaiden 2 for example. Microsoft is a car that maxes out at 60mph. Not wanting to lose the race, the company rigged the laws so that all cars must not go beyond 60mph and unethically placed several roadblocks in front of the PS3 and other cars, even though the brooding PS3 lamborghinni knows it can burn rubber at 200mph or even 600 mph. Because of Microsoft, you not only get faulty hardware at a high price that can only play games, because of them, ALL gamers will have to settle for sub-par graphics this generation until we unleash the PS3. No one can tolerate unethical behavior forever. The cops are coming. The PS3 will be free, beginning with Grand Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy VIII and MGS4 and Killzone 2.

No one will tolerate Microsoft's 60mph law forever....

Skynetone3868d ago

id only settle if they bought me a ps3

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P4KY B3868d ago

But I wouldn't risk it.

If I had a copy I would take it to a friends house and use his 360 :-)

EZCheez3868d ago

How can you do this to a customer? This is as if it's their fault stores broke the street date of the game.

You just can't do this to people.

hydrog3868d ago

Sure they can, LIVE is MS's network/infrastucture! They can do as they wish with it.

I personally think this is great.. hold both parties responsible, that'll solve the street break scandals in a heartbeat!

Moac3868d ago

in the end its not the stores fault its the individuals that buys it. I hope this is true and all of them get baned for life. =) GO MS.

This awesome news for gamers. =) ban the vermin.

EZCheez3868d ago

@Hydrog- You must not have read the whole story because it also says they will ban people who have played the single player campaign as well. And admit it. The only reason you think it's great is because you don't have it yet. I'm sure you would be speaking differently if you actually had a copy of it.

@Moac- It's not the store's fault? You do know retailers get fined for breaking street dates don't you? What do you think they should do with those fines? Divide the payment between the people who bought the game? Come on, please.

Both of you are obviously Americans that don't have a copy of the game and won't until the 25th. That's why you're saying this. It's just jealosy and you probably feel better now knowing someone is going to be punished for having already played a game you waited years to play.

Moac3868d ago

What i meant was that the Stores aren't the ones that have the most responsibility or that they are the ones that are to be burnished because u cant punish the entire chain for the actions of the 1 store nor is it possible to punish a single store within the "chain".

i Shank u3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

@EzCheez - yo im american too, but i dont think the same as them, don't generalize us "americans", or we'll invade your country too :P
@ Moac - are you serious about it being impossible to punish one store within a chain? thats ridiculous bro, thats what happens when street dates are broken. the individual stores and employees are punished

point is, when an xbox live customer is banned in this situation, they are being banned even tho they are breaking NOT ONE RULE. the stores, on the other hand, are breaking SEVERAL RULES AND LAWS.
Also, the stores are the more easily controlled factor; there are thousands of stores, versus MILLIONS of customers. if i walked into circuit city tomorrow, and by some fluke they happened to have Halo 3 out on the shelves for sale, there's no question i'd buy it. and then if i got banned later on that day for playing it, MS would lose my business no question, id be mad as hell, because im a good paying customer that didnt do anything but support MS, didnt break any rules

uxo223868d ago

The store/chain should be soley responsible for breaking the street date. If halo was on sale today, I would buy it. Especially since everytime you go out to buy a great game, if you didn't pre-order it they are usually out because they only received enough for pre-orders (Gamestop).

The merchant had the product, they could have kept it in the storage room and not put it in the main store. The consumer should take NO responsibility for buying something sold to them by a greedy merchant.

Also, if they are going to do this, they should only punish gamers that played AFTER they gave their warning. How would one know about it beforehand.

AdolfBinBush3868d ago

I'm also an American... and i think we should stop invading Iraq

and leave Iran alone.. let the UN deal with their nuclear agenda

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HeartlesskizZ3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

If I was your friend consider me your enemy from now on. How can you do that to a friend? You kidding right?
anyways getting ban til 9999 is something you cant tell your grandchilds

BlackCountryBob3868d ago

Thats overly strict IMO, how about complaining to the shops that have brken the street date instead, after all it is their responsibility to honour the street date.