PSN: flOw Creator's Next Game In the Works

Rumor has it that if you keep a close eye on the trailers being shown off during the Sony Keynote tomorrow you'll get a glimpse of the next title coming from That Game Company to the Playstation Network.

That Game Company signed a multi-game deal with Sony after their college creation, flow, caught the publisher's eye. No word on what the game will be specifically, but kotaku hear it will be instantly recognizable as something by the people behind the ambient, motion-controlled game.

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Frulond3738d ago

could it be another interactive screensaver?

meh... flOw looks great but... its just sitting there in my hdd using space thats all it does <.<

I played it... like... 5 times only

MaximusPrime3738d ago

i usually play it when i wanted to relax. Flow is the best chillout-type game.

The next game will be interesting.

wil4hire3738d ago

Other than that, its just a relaxing game.. Not mean't to blow off any doors or anything. I still don't really get it. Its it multiplayer when you are online? Are those other people that are the little pod things?

No idea.