40GB PS3 not the full package?

Insider whispers in the past week have suggested that Sony is planning to announce a new $400, 40GB model PS3 that will release in time for Christmas (in the US, at least). Now, on the day before the PlayStation maker's Tokyo Game Show conference, GamesRadar has learnt that a cheaper model is indeed on the way, although it will have a reduced feature list compared to the 60 and 80GB models.

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sajj3163736d ago

it will not have the same features as expected ... how else are they going to reduce costs?

Anything but Cute3736d ago

And when compared to the 60GB PS3, it's not the complete package either.

It doesn't come with WiFi or High Definition video playback.

Close_Second3736d ago

So, you're saying that not placing all the bells and whistles into the console by default to make it less expensive for the consumer is a bad thing?

Sony fans have been slaming the 360 for months because you don't get the same level of tech specs as a PS3. Now that Sony is potentially releasing a lower spec PS3 is ok as it means more people will be able to afford one?

Maddens Raiders3736d ago

still doesn't know what features are "stripped" out anyway, so let's wait and see what they are first before casting it into oblivion.

1.1 - Nice avatar.

b777conehead3736d ago

the article says nothing but if this is the model that they showed on the fcc site it has wifi because they showed the test on wifi.maybe no card media reader

secret3736d ago

Like Ninja Giaden 2, with graphics like these, it hints that the xbox360 has maxed out graphically.

You should be concerned that this is a third / fourth gen title that is very (very) important like a new release of Mario and Ninja Gaiden. There should've been a breakthrough in graphical power, righ?

A) By the way, DVD isn't really hi-def despite talks about 720p / 1080p or else we wouldn't need HD-DVD or Bluray.

B) By the way, xbots will have spent the most money by the end of this generation for these reasons:
1) Internet fees of almost $400 to $500
2) Upgrading consoles for defective reasons
3) Buying a standalone bluray player (most likely a PS3) and / or an HD-DVD add on because the xbox360 lacks those
4) Buying a Wii because of motion sensing and eye toy that are lacking
5) Probably upgrading to the xbox720, adding another $400 to $600 because in a few years, the PS3 will put on its turbo boost and the xbox360 can't keep up anymore so it will release a new console prematurely to compete
6) all the number of games and movies and accessories purchased

Whether you like to believe it or not, that's the most money ever spent by people who brag about saving money.

C) By the way, micorosft is responsible for the crime of not only releasing fualty hardware, but also for restricting high quality graphics in this gen's games. Look at Halo or Ninja Gaiden 2 for example. Microsoft is a car that maxes out at 60mph. Not wanting to lose the race, the company rigged the laws so that all cars must not go beyond 60mph and unethically placed several roadblocks in front of the PS3 and other cars, even though the brooding PS3 lamborghinni knows it can burn rubber at 200mph or even 600 mph. Because of Microsoft, you not only get faulty hardware at a high price that can only play games, because of them, ALL gamers will have to settle for sub-par graphics this generation until we unleash the PS3. No one can tolerate unethical behavior forever. The cops are coming. The PS3 will be free, beginning with Grand Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy VIII and MGS4 and Killzone 2.

No one will tolerate Microsoft's 60mph law forever....

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Loudninja3736d ago

They did not say nothing, they are ausming crap ,Man this is not news at all.

Naruto3736d ago

They did not say nothing,

SmokeyMcBear3736d ago

uhh wait.. so that means they said something right?? mmmmm double negatives

HeartlesskizZ3736d ago

Why get this when you can get 60gb for 40 $EU more

lonestarmt3736d ago

What the hell man, this story is so not legit. First off all your picture is of the protoype ps3, crap man it even has the doomed boomarang controller.

3736d ago
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