Kojima podcast: MGS4 kiosks will surprise you at Sony's TGS booth

If you're at TGS, try to play MGS4 at Sony's booth (even though there are only 8 kiosks) instead of at Konami's booth (where there will be 40). It "might surprise you," says the podcast.

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pwnsause3625d ago

obviously, now he can put Mr.Rumbleguy to work, just as what he wanted to do

Cat3625d ago

you guys beat me to it! kojima wants rumble, he gets rumble.

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akaFullMetal3625d ago

mart2 or whoever you are, stop being a trolling loser, god you make the mart look bad, get off his back too

DrWan3625d ago

I'm sorry but theMart (original) never look good at all.

WAR_MACHINE773625d ago

they say a copy is never as sharp as the original, and in this case the original isn't much sharper than a bowling ball.

DeZimatoR3625d ago

Suspense...then Snkae grabs a guard's balls and the controller rumbles like there's no tomorow.

Crowd goes wild :D

iNcRiMiNaTi3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

i was thinkin the same thing...

...snake grabs balls, "!"... ....rumble......

Testo3625d ago

I love it when halo and xbots make fun of that point in the game.

Who knows maybe MC is a cross dressing woman.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3625d ago

And you didn't have to go down to their level.

Foliage3624d ago

I doubt Halo would go so far as to have a legitimate twist in their boring story.

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The story is too old to be commented.