January 27 May Be the Most Amazing Day in the History of Games

Ten things that will require that you take the day off.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2581d ago

Only The PSP2 Announcement Will Be Good

Shikoro2581d ago

What? There are a lot of things people can be excited about. I personally am interested in the PlayStation Meeting, the Catherine demo and the Versus XIII trailer. There's everything for everyone's tastes. ;)

Istanbull2581d ago

PSP2 with OLED 3D screen, 2 dualshocks, better-than-3DS graphics, I can ask nothing more from Sony.

Will be great! :)

TheLastGuardian2581d ago

I'm excited for the Playstation meeting. I don't see how this will be the greatest day in the history of games. That day belongs to November 1st 2011.

darthawesome902581d ago

The only barrier to me purchasing a PSP2 is price. Can't wait for the reveal.

P.S. There is not way that the announcement of a PSP2 is better than what's going on in that pic.....I love blondes...

AndrewRyan2581d ago


I can. Games.

ExplosionSauce2581d ago

I'll take that PSP2 with OLED screen and dual analogs!
But no 3D please.

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chainer30002581d ago

I will never understand the appeal. Is this geared towards 10-14 year old boys, or is there an actual audience outside of Japan for this? They almost never make it stateside for a reason.

Mahr2581d ago

"lol it's on front page XD"

1040 degrees, too.

Stay classy, N4G.

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gta28002581d ago

Bummer than I leave to El Savador for almost a whole month on the 26th :( I come back the day Killzone 3 comes out so I'm gonna have so much catching up to do.

DaBadGuy2581d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2. That would be good.

Istanbull2581d ago

Its great to see people knowing their rpg classics.

What about Xenogears 2, Vagrant Story 2, Skies of Arcadia 2 from Sega?

DaBadGuy2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

@Istanbull Yes yes and yes. PS1 had so many great RPGs. Legend of Dragoon was one of my favorites but I loved Xenogears, I love mech type stuff. I played SKies of Arcadia on Gamecube years ago and Vagrant Story I hardly remember I think I only played it once. If it ever comes to PSN or something I'll definately give it a second look.

chainer30002581d ago

that and the possible PSP2 announcement. Sony seriously is lined up to take 80% of my expendable income this year, I already just got one of their newer 42" OLEDs (very happy with the purchase).

If the PSP2's hardware lives up, and it supports cloud gaming of some sort, expandable HD via Pro Duo, I may bite. I had a PSP but after I realized there weren't enough games to justify owning it (already had a iPod for video and Laptop).

Really looking forward for the rumors to die and some facts to surface.

Christopher2581d ago

Most Amazing Day in the History of (Japanese) Games?

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xino2581d ago

no it won't:/

that would be amazing day for Japan, but not for other regions!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick man!:)

Lavalamp2581d ago

If you have a Japanese PSN account, you can get the Catherine demo. And the Final Fantasy trailers will undoubtedly hit places like Gametrailers and Youtube for western gamers to easily locate.

Mozilla892580d ago

I'm gonna have to find a way to make a Japanese account at some point. Kenka Bancho 5 should be interesting, the first one was an interesting PSP game, when I like how they skipped numbers 2-4 for their next game and just went to 5 lol.

Cloudberry2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

* The PlayStation Meeting.

* Catherine Demo & Videos.

* Final Fantasy Versus XIII & Final Fantasy Type-O Official HD Trailers.

* My Little Sister Couldn't Be This Cute Portable.

What I expect in January 27th 2011.

worldgames2581d ago

I also think the psp2 will be announced and a release date confirmed.

Masamori Sumimura2581d ago

Swear i've read the same title last march.

trains2581d ago

i expect an warmly embraced bullet through the head