Why No One Wins in the High-Def Format War

The ongoing tussle between backers of the two high-definition media formats--Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD--took a dramatic turn with the news that Paramount would release all future titles on HD DVD only. The studio's statement last month set off a spate of announcements from other parties as members of each camp tried to rally the troops and stake out their positions heading into the holiday season.

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there are so many alternatives to the format that skips the need to purchase either player,

when the makers know that the consumers know this, watch the pricess plunge.

Snukadaman3836d ago

it was a utter failure...This format war is turning out too be a bust on both sides its not even funny...only people that win are the consumers since both sides are giving out freebies with purchasing either format.

GrizAdams3836d ago

But this author at PC World is a twit. I can't believe that someone in her position wouldn't understand that competition is good the technology and the consumer. You can buy a BR player & a HD-DVD player now for the price of what either cost not even 2 yrs ago. Both companies are putting out great products for rapidly dropping prices. And somehow this is bad?

SorenK3836d ago

wouldnt competition between the different makers of either the bluray or hddvd players cause the price to drop? rather than competition between the two formats? (i hope that made sense)

for me, this lingering format war has kept me from taking the plunge

Jeremy Gerard3836d ago

in fact this writer is one of the few who is still writing crap like this, most others have realized that

A)if it was Sony who secured exclusivity everyone would be saying how great it is and how they have taken 1 more step towards winning.

B)This is good for competition for the very reasons you stated, in fact if you own a dual format player or plan to get one, then this is great, it only means prices fall faster and movies come out sooner.

ben8063836d ago

its good cus i could have a really good blu-ray player with the spiderman trilogy for 400 pounds or a hd player for even less. its bad cus there is at best a 50/50 chance that the format i buy will lose and i wasted my money.

i say at best a 50/50 chance cus it could well be that neither format take off in any big way at all, i dont want consumer choice i want one to win so i can buy it!

Frankenberg3836d ago

He really only went into why it is bad for Sony, and from his perspective, that is everybody.

Competition gives us:

-lower prices for players
-free movies with purchase

Never got free movies with dvd.

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