Two Worlds 2 Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

SegmentNext - "Your one stop troubleshooting guide to fix all the problems you are experiencing in running Two Worlds 2".

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ASSASSYN 36o2858d ago

Although it would look better. I am glad I won't have the pc version.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2858d ago

im glad im waiting for The elder scrolls Skyrim

drosera12858d ago

Well good for you. Some people like to play games like Two Worlds 2 though, and don't want to wait almost an entire year for their precious Elder Scrolls.

Raendom2858d ago

Agree with drosera1.

This game is doing some really innovative stuff in the RPG genre too. Hard for me to ignore. Buying it this week!

VenomProject2858d ago

I'm also holding out for Skyrim, but come's a Bethesda game. You know it's going to have bugs galore.

ASSASSYN 36o2858d ago

I am waiting for Skyrim too, 11.11.11 isn't next week. If it was you would have some sort of point.

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Baka-akaB2858d ago

? You seriously expect the consoles version to run better ?

blahblah2858d ago

at least the setup problems and graphic card problems wont be present.

i think mouse problems will be absent too;)

if you read the article, all are either system or hardware problems. and all problems come from the fact that there is not "one default settings".

MGRogue20172858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

If I am going to get the game, It'll be for my Xbox 360.

Reason why? well, I can completely install the game to my 360's hard drive for maximum quietness, experience no errors at all. Leaving me to sit back, relax & play.

And before somebody says that I might get RROD/E74.. I own the new model of Xbox 360 which doesn't have those problems. It's very quiet, cool & I've had it since September 2010, no problems at all.

I could also get the game for my PS3 instead.. but multi-platform games always work best on Xbox 360. Fact.

pr0digyZA2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

You do know console games also have errors right, they usually freeze you though, or corrupt save games or have bugs like falling through the world. PC might have those but they at least give you an error so that you can solve it instead of backing up things. Plus the gold patch should help out with errors.

ASSASSYN 36o2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

And you do know that Two Worlds II has been avaialble in europe since novemeber on PC and consoles? The issues it has and may have are already known. A patch will be avialble. Read the article.

pr0digyZA2858d ago

@ assassyn im not sure if that directed at me seeing as you replied to my name.
1)if it is then-I know it is out because it is already available where I am, also I know a patch is released because I already said that, and I did read the article

2)if it's for enkei then I agree with what you said.

Otheros002858d ago

Saying fact after saying your opinion does not make it fact.

MGRogue20172858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

It wasn't an opinion.

Everything I stated in my comment above is true.

eggbert2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

@ enkei

"experience no errors at all"

Yup, there are no bugs/glitches on console games AMIRITE?

VenomProject2858d ago

That was very trololol, but you fail.

Multi-platform games differ in quality depending on the lead platform the title was developed on.

TheCryptKeeper2858d ago

i just bought a brand new slim a 3 weeks ago and already have RROD while playing Gears 2, after getting a RROD twice with the regular white 360.

X-Box 360 is garbage. Fact.

hassi942858d ago

Well you're lying because the new slim physically cannot have a red ring of death. The LEDs in the front don't physically have the ability to light up red.

You're an imbecile.

blahblah2858d ago


so this is how they fixed RROD? ingenious, remove red light and you fixed the problem;) love how microsoft operates.

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CrzyFooL2858d ago

I haven't had any problems with my PC version yet. Been playing about 60 hours.

thedudeftw2858d ago

None with the 360 version either.*woops* Wasn't suppose to say that?

Raider692858d ago

already finnish it for the 360!46hours of playing,all primary and secondary mission made in SP mode (hard)!Great game but they coud have ironed the framerate a little more!Never had a freeze!

ASSASSYN 36o2858d ago

BS. Yet your gamer tag doesn't show any evidence you ever played it.

deadlybrand PT

hassi942858d ago

Prob pirated it and played it on an offline account.

Legion2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

You do realize that some of our names here on N4G have nothing to do with our gamertags on consoles... don't you?

If you look up Legion on XBox then you will get someone totally different then myself.

(of course then I check HIS profile and it does list a gamertag... not necessarily his only gamertag though???)

phantomexe2858d ago

Its funny they drop this here the day before release and look at the title of the artcle. They know most of the tards on this site aren't evening going check to see what it's about. Why do you think it was delayed and they worked on all 3 versions with 3 teams. Come on guys use your heads but if not i'll let you know tomorrow how it runs.

Legion2858d ago

They had a EU/Asia copy released here awhile back. But alas my 360 is US and I wasn't able to purchase. Waiting for the store to call me once the US version arrives. No qualms about the purchase as many other LARGER titles have had more bugs then reported here. (COUGH...Black OPS...COUGH)

And I don't buy games for PCs anymore... these types of issues are the exact reason why. Too many differences in each PC for there NOT to be issues.