GeoHotz Lawyers Are Moving For A Dismissal

The ongoing legal tussle between hacker extraordinaire GeoHotz and Sony has seen may twists and turns. The court had previously denied Sony’s appeal for a restraining order on Hotz. Sony followed that by pushing forward an appeal that GeoHotz is in compliance to the PSN agreement since there is a username “Geo1Hotz” registered in the PSN network. GeoHot’s lawyers think otherwise saying that the information regarding that account do not meet their client. The location specified breaks the case since Hotz does not live in Rhode Island, the date of birth of the account is wrong and neither does he use that name. Further more Geohot’s lawyers are now moving for dismissal of the case all together.

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deadreckoning6662882d ago

In the words of Kevin Butler..."BOOM!"

NYC_Gamer2882d ago

this case might end up like the one in spain

Mahr2882d ago

"this case might end up like the one in spain"

One only hopes.

badz1492882d ago

that Geodouche is getting more and mor arrogant by the days! he's getting way too much attention and if he wins or the case dismissed, there's no point of buying games anymore because CFW at the moment allow even PSN access with pirated games! a sad sad situation where scum and pirates get privilege the same as paying gamers!

Look_Behind2882d ago

@ basz149
Lol at how stupid you are, if you want to pirate, pirate. If you don't, don't. But stop complaining about people pirating games when it hardly affects you. Do you think devs are going to stop making games? NO.
Personally, I will just rent my games, copy them and boom, cheap games. Sorry but I make my own choices in life, and I dont complain about other peoples if they arent the same as mine.

badz1492882d ago

your ignorance is at full throttle!

"Do you think devs are going to stop making games? NO." - why is that? is it because lots and lots of pirates playing their games for free? NO! it's because of the legit gamers who buy them!

"I will just rent my games, copy them and boom, cheap games." - clap clap clap, like you're the only one doing that and I hope you fully know that what you're doing is ILLEGAL! it's true, it doesn't concern me even a bit like any other bank robbery out there because it's not my money being robbed but ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL, PERIOD!

"Sorry but I make my own choices in life, and I dont complain about other peoples if they arent the same as mine." - yeah, make backups/pirate all you want, that's your choice! but having pirates playing the same damn game I paid online is totally different! your console is yours but online is not! it's the service provided for paying customer, not pirate! try not complaining when playing online and then your game ruined by hackers/cheaters! not feeling so good now are we?

Heartnet2881d ago

@Look Behind..

"Devs wont stop making games".. tut tut tut..

although games are still being made if piracy gets to a point where you cant ignore it dev's will think twice before developing for a console that has a high piracy:bought ratio..

just look at the PC.. less and less games are being made for it and for the consoles instead.. Yes indie games are the exception and there is steam bla bla bla.. However PC games (cept Mmo's) are being made less and less frequent because of piracy and thats why PC games are £10 cheaper than the console eqvilant if its multiplatform.

So ur half assed non intellegent comment holds no ground in this arguement

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gapecanpie2882d ago

Sony never really had a case against GeoHot, what a poor desperate attempt by Sony.

AceofStaves2882d ago

Trying to enforce intellectual property rights isn't a "poor, desperate attempt." Whether or not it succeeds, Sony had the right to file the suit.

Eamon2882d ago

And Geohot's lawyers have the right to try to dismiss the case altogether.

It's a ridiculous attempt by Sony anyway.

gamingisnotacrime2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

why all this obssesion with hacking systems and making people lose money and jobs. lets play legit, i am more than pleased with all the exclusives im seeing on the PS3 and i want to keep it that way. stop hacking and piracy

Look_Behind2882d ago

LOL, You want to play legit so the game company's have more money? LOL NO. Dog eat dog world, even if it is illegal :)

ForceCSW2882d ago

So I guess you won't complain if someone steals your home, car, and money it's a dog eat dog world right?

DeadIIIRed2882d ago

@Eamon you're right they do have a right and this happens in 99.9% of all law suits. This is supposed to be news?

chainer30002882d ago

they certainly do have a case, it's not like he literally stumbled onto information that was not meant to be found by *anyone*. Let's say this happened to Microsoft somehow, you betcha ass they would take whoever was figure-heading the movement and try to throw them in jail as an example.

That said, I do hope they win because of some of the pure arrogance and attention-whore mongering this guy has been after. Besides, it's his hardware to blow up, stomp on, or alter, but only within the ULA he signed when he bought, opened, and turned on the damn thing.

You can buy a gun, but you can't shoot it off on the street. Sure, you own the hardware, but you can't use it as you like. Only difference is this one line of code has created a lot more financial devastation than the average handgun can (99% of the time - and note the word financial).

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XabiTheHumble2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

@LookBehind Keep trying to justify your actions you thief, Nobody is telling you you can't make your own decisions idiot, but your still a thief no way around that.
@ForceCSW exactly, I mean its there decision after all right? LMAOOO!!

Ninver2882d ago ShowReplies(2)
Kon2882d ago

He needs to have a real job. This kid has so much potential.

Ninver2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Yeah the terrorists could kidnap him, conduct experiments on his brain and force him to create SKYnet /s

rodeoo2882d ago

You just seem to spout the dumbest comments ever with nothing to contribute to the larger conversation like your antisemitic remarks earlier in the thread.

Theonik2882d ago

Google offered him an internship actually.

theEx1Le2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

I'm pretty sure microsoft has opened the door for him to work on the windows 7 mobile platform.

EVO-OM3GA2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

It doesn't matter now whether Sony wins or not cause:

1) Millions have already downloaded the file off GeoHots Site.
2) People have been trying to run the custom firmware that was first release with fail.
3) The custom firmware is now working on all PS3s, you dont need a disc to run games and a good number of games are working without fail.

@ disagrees
I'm not trying to troll or be a fanboy but its facts.

Mister_G2882d ago

Yes, I work with someone who is running CFW and has games running off an external HDD. He's even been on-line with it and no ban yet.

That was quick.

Sigh! :'(

EVO-OM3GA2882d ago

Yeah I know it was very quick soon as people heard its fully up they got there PS3s done, It will be interesting to see what the other firmwares allow.

I dont think you can be banned its not like a Modded XBOX, even then if you update your firmware before MS tags you, your safe. If hackers acquired MS's Key, then its over the XBOX will be made to do crazy things.

GeoHot and FailoverFlow got Sonys Root Key (I think its called that) so thats, that the PS3 is now truely open.

I hope you can do more with the XMB

guzman2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

At the least, if legal proceedings continue, the bills will bleed George dry.

rodeoo2882d ago

no it wont...His law team is volunteer. He doesn't pay a dime. There are much broader implications to this case then just hacking your ps3. So big law firms volunteer for cases like this.

Theonik2882d ago

What Rodeoo said, Sony won't get lucky again like when they forced an entire import shop out of business. (ad as fallout got play-asia to stop shipping playstation stuff in Europe)

MrBeatdown2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

It's not so much about sticking it to Hotz as it is establishing just how legal it is to circumvent the PS3's security.

The security is in place to protect against piracy and to maintain the quality of the network and the games that use it (like Modern Warfare). If Sony wins, it means they have the law on their side. Sure, it's not going to stop hackers, but it gives Sony a more clearly defined legal ground to go after them in the future and it serves as a deterrent as well.

Bring on the disagrees from the ignorant!

gamingisnotacrime2882d ago

"to maintain the quality of the network and the games that use it (like Modern Warfare)."

is just that quality and Modern Warfare dont belong on the same page,let alone on the same sentence


SuperStrokey11232882d ago

Let them do and then let Sony find something else to sue him for, rinse and repeat until he cant afford anything.

Armyntt2882d ago

Once again. He loses absolutely nothing. Its an all volunteer law defense team.

Eamon2882d ago

Oh really? I never heard of that.

Do you have a link supporting that?

SuperStrokey11232882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

I didnt know that either. Id like to read some info on that as well. Eventually its going to cost him something though you would think.

Theonik2882d ago

Sony doesn't really have a case against him as is let alone anything else to sue him for.

SuperStrokey11232882d ago

The case doesnt matter, it matters that they can harrass him through the legal system for pretty much forever if they want.

Armyntt2876d ago

Im sorry i dont have a link i tried finding it. But it was an attorney that won cases against the RIAA and is doing either pro bono or being funded by some advocacy group. Sorry i dont have concrete info on that.

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