Silent Hill: Downpour Developer Talks Scrapped Multiplayer Plans

Silent Hill is all about fear, and a lot of fear comes from isolation. That’s why it’s so surprising that developer Vatra Games had some plans for co-op multiplayer before ultimately deciding it wouldn’t work out for Silent Hill: Downpour.

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''We have basically tried to do something that was two players playing in the environment, but not in the same place. So they could have a part where they were playing with each other, but they were split up, either by events or their decisions. But this is really like something in the future.”''

They read my mind.

''So co-op isn’t in the works currently for Silent Hill: Downpour, but Konami appears to have it on its mind. Do you think that the series would benefit from expanding the player count?'''

It could be something interesting, or it could end very bad, very risky.

the_best_player2880d ago

Res 5 failed cause of multiplayer, there's just no fear if you got a friend by your side helping and healing you.

Lamarthedancer2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Resident Evil 5....Horror Game....had Co-Op, didn't work turned it into an action game. Fail

Silent Hill....Horror Game.....the same will happen. Fail

Dead Space.....Horror Game....L4D style Multiplayer, might not work but dosen't effect the Single player so it looks like we have a winner.

You bring Co-Op into it and it's suddenly not scary because you etheir too busy talking to your friend to pay full attention the to the scary enviroment or they have your back most of the time.

sp1deynut2880d ago

Maybe you never played co-op on DOOM 3. I played through that with a buddy on XBOX, and it was STILL scary as hell. Of course the fact that the XBOX version didn't get the flashlight/duct tape mod had an impact on that. We played through most of the game, alternating between flashlights and guns, so there was always some light. We even played back-to-back, in some tight spaces, because enemies had a habit of spawning behind you.

CaliGamer2880d ago

Probably a good sign, not all games need multiplayer. That being said, if the developers think outside of the box, I am sure that at some point survival horror and multiplayer will be possible.

It's just a matter of doing it right really.

leahcim2880d ago

Silent Hill mutiplayer???

Silent Hill is dead to me
since 3

protekjv2880d ago

for the love that's all beautiful: NO!!

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The story is too old to be commented.