Web 2.0--Microsoft's Afterthought, Nintendo's Blindspot, and Sony's Only Hope--Part 2

In part two of a two part article looking at the effect the Web 2.0 is having on console gaming, the Weekend Gamer moves from Microsoft to look at Sony and Nintendo, and then makes some observations based on all three hardware companies. From the article:

On Sony--
"As for the Playstation 3, while much can be said of the mistakes that Sony has made over the past two years regarding the announcement and subsequent launch of their next-gen console, the evidence seems to be mounting that they are positioning themselves to become the leader in Web 2.0 experiences on a console..."

On Nintendo--
"...without a hard drive and a streamlined, simpler way to connect to other gamers, the Wii simply won't be able to take advantage of this new way to look at gaming. Nintendo will have to wait until the next generation of consoles to implement these changes in game development and presentation, if in fact they actually want to go that direction at all."

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goodganja3901d ago

Good to know these people realize that PS3 and Sony is the future. It looks like after all the blunders, Sony will be attacking Wii60's weak points for massive damage.

DrunKao3901d ago

I don't think many people realize how big of a leap Halo 3 is for console gaming. Sony may have announced their plans for Gaming 2.0 with Home and LBP, but it's Halo 3 that is delivering on those promises first. It's a similar situation as with Haze. Haze announced 4player co-op before Halo 3, but Halo 3 is being released much sooner.

When Halo 3 is released next week there really won't be a game that even comes close to being in the same league with it. Halo 3 is going to be driven tremendously by it's community and the content they create more so than any other console game before it.

You will be able to rate and share files just like in LBP. From Forge maps and game variants, to saved films and pictures. Bungie will even have a featured area to showcase the best of the community and even Bungie's own Forge map, game variants, and saved films. Instead of just reading about Bungie's Humpday Challenges, owners of Halo 3 will actually be able to see them in action.

And then there's which is an extension of the console experience. There you can flag and queue up to 8 files to be automatically downloaded onto your 360. You can rate files, view screenshots. Every stat you can imagine is also compiled and viewable on, and you can view your complete multiplayer and campaign history.

Halo 3 will have much more users than LBP and thus a larger pool to draw from when it comes to creativity and the sheer volume of content the Halo 3 community will generate.

So no, I definitely don't agree with the idea that it's merely an afterthought for Microsoft when Gaming 2.0 premieres on their console with the release of Halo 3 on the 25th.

d3l33t3901d ago

every console has it's advantages

TheBrit3901d ago

I am still waiting to see why Home is so great, seems like a very cumbersome and extreme way of doing what live already does.

I just do not see the necessity in 3/4 of what home is about. Seems a little animal crossing-ish (oh jeez another rip off) to me. but then again, I'm sure you will just label me a fan-man anyway for thinking that .

DJ3901d ago

It’s because a certain proportion of people may not want to deal with the 3D interaction of Home that Sony is incorporating those exact same functions into the XMB. Say you wanted to use the functions of Home, but without dealing with traveling from place to place, you’d be able to do that too. Pretty sweet, huh?

sectionz3901d ago

its where you do all the work they make all the money ;)

DrunKao3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

It's called Gaming 2.0 and it's a stage where community rules and the content they create drives it. It's quite prevalent in PC gaming, but is a very new idea to the console space. So new in fact that it hasn't been realized in a console game yet.