Here’s That L.A Noire (Release Date) Trailer You Missed – And 25 PS3 Screens

RipTen: Rockstar’s latest trailer for L.A Noire was leaked and quickly taken down last weekend. Luckily for you – they’ve just sent out the official HD version.

***More on Ripten including 25 HD PS3 Screenshots***

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CrzyFooL2884d ago

So PS3 is the lead platform? Is this not gonna be on PC? I prefer adventure type games on PC . . .

Charmers2883d ago

No it isn't going to be on the PC which makes you wonder why it is in the PC section. But then why should I be surprised the PC doesn't have RDR either but we still get stories about RDR in the PC section.

Commander_TK2883d ago

PS3 is the lead platform because it was an exclusive b4. Shame that L.A. Noire won't release on PC.

jaredhart2884d ago

Love the video and the Ps3 screens are WOW!

Hitman07692884d ago

Badass trailer, looks like a movie! Good acting in this game.

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