Halo 3 street date broken in UK, absolutely no one shocked

Nick Millen sent Destructoid a tip a few moments ago revealing that UK retailer Argos has begun selling copies of the über-anticipated Halo 3 a full week before they were supposed to hit High Street.


Eurogamer confirms the news:

To get yours, you simply have to pop over to the Argos website and check to see if your local store has Halo 3 available for collection earlier than next week. Readers getting their copies have reported collection dates of "Wed 19th September - Thu 20th September".

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deepio3866d ago

Wierd, I just checked Argos online and it said I can reserve at my local Argos and pick up on the 24th!

RadientFlux3866d ago

might just be one or two stores

Arkrite3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

thats what my local store said so i went to the main town centre and its reserved for collection NOW!!!
went to collect and was told the internet reserve function shouldnt have let me reserve it and call back next wednesday for a copy

secret3866d ago

Like Ninja Giaden 2, with graphics like these, it hints that the xbox360 has maxed out graphically.

You should be concerned that this is a third / fourth gen title that is very (very) important like a new release of Mario and Ninja Gaiden. There should've been a breakthrough in graphical power, righ?

A) By the way, DVD isn't really hi-def despite talks about 720p / 1080p or else we wouldn't need HD-DVD or Bluray.

B) By the way, xbots will have spent the most money by the end of this generation for these reasons:
1) Internet fees of almost $400 to $500
2) Upgrading consoles for defective reasons
3) Buying a standalone bluray player (most likely a PS3) and / or an HD-DVD add on because the xbox360 lacks those
4) Buying a Wii because of motion sensing and eye toy that are lacking
5) Probably upgrading to the xbox720, adding another $400 to $600 because in a few years, the PS3 will put on its turbo boost and the xbox360 can't keep up anymore so it will release a new console prematurely to compete
6) all the number of games and movies and accessories purchased

Whether you like to believe it or not, that's the most money ever spent by people who brag about saving money.

C) By the way, micorosft is responsible for the crime of not only releasing fualty hardware, but also for restricting high quality graphics in this gen's games. Look at Halo or Ninja Gaiden 2 for example. Microsoft is a car that maxes out at 60mph. Not wanting to lose the race, the company rigged the laws so that all cars must not go beyond 60mph and unethically placed several roadblocks in front of the PS3 and other cars, even though the brooding PS3 lamborghinni knows it can burn rubber at 200mph or even 600 mph. Because of Microsoft, you not only get faulty hardware at a high price that can only play games, because of them, ALL gamers will have to settle for sub-par graphics this generation until we unleash the PS3. No one can tolerate unethical behavior forever. The cops are coming. The PS3 will be free, beginning with Grand Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy VIII and MGS4 and Killzone 2.

No one will tolerate Microsoft's 60mph law forever....

Shake3866d ago

Last time I checked,Last generation....the console that didnt have the best graphics but had a great library of games won the console war! This generation it seems that the xbox 360 is like the ps2(not the best horsepower,but a whole lot of games) and the ps3 is like the xbox.(powerful but dont have alot of games!)

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Gamer133866d ago

Argos stated ""Can be ordered for collection
Mon 24th September - Thu 27th September"". or maybe he nows someone at the store.

Ahmadinejad3866d ago

so ur telling me if i go to argos now i can get one? im just gonna get my jeans on and drive there now. maybe i can post my stupid face with a receipt in my mouth and msot impotantly i dont ahev to get tortured and wait 6 mroe days.

DrRage773866d ago

i really hope this guy doesn't try to jump online with Halo3 to see if anyone else got a copy.....then he'll be enjoying his 9,999 year ban from xboxlive lol

EZCheez3866d ago

It's not his fault a store broke the street date. The retailers are the ones with the responsibility of upholding street dates. You can't punish someone for going in and buying something that was on a store shelve.

Hell, even if he does have an inside friend, it still isn't his responsibility.

Just count this as one lucky guy.

Mr Marbles3866d ago

this is not his fault, it is the stores fault. Why is it that European stores and Journalists think they don't need to play by the rules? When there is an embargo on news that is to be kept quiet for a short time it is always the European magazines and web sites that break the embargos and spill the beans, it is also the European stores that sell games before they are supposed to, whats up with that sh!t? This is why everything is crap in Europe for gamers, this is the sort of thing that will make developers not share anything with European reporters and delay the release of games until after US and Japan launches.

commadore653865d ago

extra lanuages, tax, and the cost of doing business shipping etc is higher.

I doubt you would be banging on about rules and regulations if you had accidently managed to get a copy early.

bung tickler3866d ago

wonder what kind of fine M$ is gonna give that store...

deepio3866d ago

Do you really think MS cares about a couple of stores letting a few people getting the game early, I doubt it.

Douchebaggery3866d ago

it's like someone ruining the comeback of jesus christ

mighty_douche3866d ago

sure maybe they'll get a slap on the wrist and maybe a small fine, but as its the only place you can pick up a copy NOW im sure customers will go rushing to their local argos. making them a ton of money as while your there you'll probably pick up someother stuff, batts for your controller etc!

pretty clever bit of marketing by argos i guess.

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