The POW Block Episode 4

On this week's episode of The POW Block the hosts discuss Enslaved, Epic Mickey, Panty and Stocking and more.

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Hitster2556d ago

Can't wait until next week.

Andrew Wiggin2556d ago

Enslaved is such a great game. Hearing more people talk about it is always a good thing.

Caseydilla2556d ago

Soooo glad I started playing it.

crispinantista2556d ago

Enslaved was ok and Epic Mickey is pretty garbage. The camera is just so awful, though your reasons behind liking it make sense. It's just not for me.

Andrew Wiggin2556d ago

I really like Epic Mickey too. It sounds like this episode just wasn't for you.

crispinantista2556d ago

Nah, I enjoyed the rest of it. It's how podcasts work. Sometimes they talk about stuff I care about, sometimes they don't.

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