Heavenly Sword: Review

Stuart Andrews of TrustedReviews wrote an in-depth 4-page review of Heavenly Sword. His verdict:

Beneath the high production values there's a fairly average hack-and-slash game with a few nice ideas and some fun sniping chapters. But look at those visuals, get caught up in the experience, and you might end up saying "so what?"

Overall: 7 out of 10

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Baba19063869d ago

well i got my HS today and i must say i love it. i have to make a pause every 30 min so i dont finish it to fast haha. its short so i have to take it slowly =D

mighty_douche3869d ago

everytime i start i just think... 'ok, ill play for a bit...' and before i know it 2 hours have gone by! its definatly a hard game to put down!

Anything but Cute3869d ago

I've been entertained by this game. It's not Final Fantasy but you still care about the story. And it's not God of War, but the combat is still good.

The unique sniping sixaxis gameplay really stands out. I think anyone who gives it 8-9/10 got it right.

nix3869d ago


let's see what new experience Halo 3 will bring in apart from shooting.

socomnick3869d ago

well its got forge you little big planet guys should appeal to that.

mighty_douche3869d ago

but i wouldnt compare a 'map editor' to LBP, that game is leaps and bounds beyond anything else when it comes to USER GENERATED CONTENT.

mighty_douche3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

for all i care! as soon as i found out you can throw dead bodies and use the after touch i was SOLD! cant wait for heavenly sword 2!

grifter0243869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

I dont mean to sound arrogant or anything but wasnt this game suppose to be a Mega BlockBuster? I mean from the sound of things back before it came out every ps3'r (LOL) was saying how this was going to be AAA and be better then Mass and every other 360 AAA title but down the line what happen? I mean seeing the reviews of this game coming in it seems like nothing more then an average hacknslash the only reason its getting publicity is because their really isnt any solid games on the system yet, the same thing happened to Motorstorm it was going to be better then Forza and Dirt and countless other games because it "Redefined" the genre did it? No it was basically the only decent driving title at the time so it got boosted to seem grand, but once it came out it was just like every other racing game repetitive after a while. Im not hating on sony but some of the hype on some of your games seems to drizzle down to nothing more then speculation and hope, now before you go crazy and flame me even though I know some of you will flame me seeing as you have to defend your system but I have played the titles that everyone was saying they would be AAA ROF,Motor,Lair,Warhawk,Heavenl y yes those titles are good but not "Genre Defining" like most of you claimed to be but then again there is always the possibilities in the future just gotta wait for them.

edit: lol my post has been out for 1min and its already got a disagree lololol. Guess the ps3 crowd is touchy.

Baba19063869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

i dont know about u but i have never ever played a game like HS. dont care what anyone says. dont care about aaa or bbb or zzz. HS is the best adventure action movie game (new genre) i have ever played. HS is so magical. u feel like everything is alive. the last time i felt that was in ff7(rpg). it feels so round. difficult to explain. =D

anyway for me HS is a peace of art. for me its one of the best games i have played a long time now. and one of the best movies. at least till chapter 2 of the game haha =D

cartman3133869d ago

It's all opinion. It's an amazing game for me. AAA isn't defined by reviews.

grifter0243869d ago

Yes I know its just an opinion of a couple of reviewers and their word shouldnt be taken to seriously case in point Psychonaughts. I dont really read to much into reviewers or journalists that think they know whats going to happen in the future, "Ps3 will be number one in 2009, X360 still number one in 2009,"Most of th time I just think they dont know the industry enough to give an accurate estimate of what might happen in the future the same can be said about reviewers its like the saying one persons trash is anothers treasure. Im not bashing Heavenly it is a good game albeit short but still a good game all I'm saying is that you guys have got to keep a leash on some of your publicity people because they tend to over exaggerate certain games on your console.

Now pimp I agree most games cant claim that illustrious title unlike certain games (HL,DUKE,my opinon nights lol) but if you read back some people that will remain nameless kept on over hyping and over hyping this game and countless others I espically remember someone hyping Genji. Most games try to get you to have fun and some of them succeed and others are wishywashy where once you play it to the end you forget about it sorta like Heavenly in my opinion. Its a good game but after a while it gets a tad boring same can be said about Bio its a very good game the first and maybe second time thru but once youve done everything their really isnt anything to go back for except maybe nostalgia, But on the other hand you have games like Sigma,Hawk,Vegas,Halo2,Forza,G T,and countless others where the game is a blast to play over and over again, it might be trying it on a harder difficulty (Sigma,Vegas) or the Multiplayer aspect that makes this game appeal to more people and holds their attention longer. I got Vegas a couple months ago maybe 2 because I didnt believe the hype of the game so when I saw it at walmart for 30$ I bought it and guess what..... I am still playing it the multi is very good and it was a shame that Ubi couldnt get cross platforming for the game it would be nice to go against ps3 owners. But all in all its a decent game for a while.

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