In Case You Missed It: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Review

Fobia writes: "Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time continues the entertaining tale that Insomniac has crafted in the Future series of the game and finishes it in style, with a truck load of humor added in. With repeat characters and new additions, A Crack in Time makes it's mark on the franchise and sets a new bar in quality for Insomniac. Everything that has made the Ratchet & Clank franchise such a tremendous success returns better than ever and re-establishes why Insomniac is one of the premier PlayStation developers. It is rare to find a game where every aspect of it; physics, AI, story, graphics and animations, are all done to such a high level of quality. Insomniac has brought all the expected attributes of the franchise to this new installment and then adds more, making the final chapter something very special.

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ediddy9992555d ago

I love this game! Best platformer on the PS3 period.

Nate-Dog2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

LittleBigPlanet says hello.

I like R&C but the new ones don't match up to those of the PS2 era.

XMBeaner2555d ago

Have you lost your mind? LittleBIGPlanet is one of the worst platformers ever. Sure it has a level editor that people lose their minds over, but the platforming is awful. No precision, floaty controls and getting stuck on objects is embarrassing. LittleBIGPlanet was a good idea that could have been a great one and they messed it up with terrible platforming!

ediddy9992555d ago

LBP was alright, but I got frustrated with it sometimes. I think I had more fun with R&C. That shouldn't take anything away from LBP, that's just what I think.

Nate-Dog2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I was kidding apart from the second comment. -____-

Edit @ Ultimate_Revenge: Yeah ToD was better graphically than ACiT but it was poor in gameplay terms. Insomniac Games said themselves they wanted to work on gameplay more than graphics and they did a good job of it. Still though I've never had the enjoyment in either of the PS3 games that I've had in some of the PS2 games (mainly R&C and R&C2).

nycredude2555d ago


IMO A crack in time is the best of them all. Have you played it?

plb2555d ago

Both LBP and R&C can coexist peacefully ;)

PS3Freak2555d ago

I loved this game, platinumed it. ACIT is my favorite in the series so far and the only one I havn't played is secret agent clank.

FrankMcSpank2555d ago

Ratchet and Clank is a definitive experience. It does everything it sets out to do very very well. Platforming, Storytelling, Character Development, Puzzle Solving, Exploration, Adventure, Shooting. At no time when playing R&C:CIT, did I feel like this was boring, or stupid, or out of place. I love this series, and being one of the few PS Brands to have a redonkulous amount of titles, I am glad they all are very well made. Insomniac is a great developer, and I am sure that All4One, Resistence 3, and their upcoming multiplat game will be nonthing short of spectacular.

Nate-Dog2555d ago

@nycredude: Yeah I played it, I've played all R&Cs to date. It's good, but I still didn't enjoy it as much as the PS2 games. I felt that the locations, gameplay and story then were a lot better and more enjoyable, plus a lot of it was new. Here it's still continuing something that is fun but there's barely anything new. I mean there's not even big, proper ship battles like there used to be.

I dunno, I just felt it was a bit short and was more of a been there, done that thing more than anything. That's why I'm glad Insomniac Games are using their heads and changing it up a bit with All4One (or whatever it's called lol), can't wait for some co-op action!

badz1492555d ago

but I love R&C much more as I'm a fan since the PS2 era and have Platinum this! so much fun and I can't wait for the next game! Insomniac is AWESOME!

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Michael-Jackson2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

After finishing TOD and ACiT, I think Tools is the better game.

ediddy9992555d ago

I think I might agree with that.

Troll_Police2555d ago

Ratchet & Clank or LBP, it doesn't matter. The best platformer is definitely a PS3 exclusive.

FrankMcSpank2555d ago

I thought you were trolling, until I saw you were only stating a fact.


I personally think that R&C: ACiT wasn't that good compared to R&C:TOD, I even did a graphics comparison between them and for some reason TOD looked better to me.

I think TOD matches the quality of the one's on the Ps2 but ACiT doesn't

mushroomwig2555d ago

I loved A Crack In Time, I just hope that All 4 One doesn't disappoint, although a 4 player co-op game could so easily fall flat.

MidnytRain2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I loved this game as well. It was one of my first steps to the realms of PS3 exclusives and I left very satisfied. The constant upgrades, the subtle humor, the gorgeous watercolor artstyle, the enviornments, and the challenge were all nailed. It wasn't all that long ago I played it in 2009, but I still feel tingles of nostalgia when I think about it. Cruising through space listening to the jazz station preparing to conquer this next planetoid? Awesome.

XMBeaner2555d ago

I completely disagree with all these LBP fanboys. I would take R&C over LittleBIGFail any day.

rezzah2555d ago

Awesome game, has one of the best water physics in any game.

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