Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Potion

The mighty potion drink is back in another form once again. This time it costs a whopping $75, comes in an incredibly cool case, and includes a 208 page booklet on the series. Only 77,777 were made just like the special edition PSP's celebrating Crisis Core's release.

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Moac3780d ago

I spy with my little eye a milking of the

nanometric3780d ago

I don't get it... what is in it, tap water or sumthin?

PlayStation3603780d ago

(Fructose, glucose, sugar, syrup) royal jelly, acid, caffeine, preservative, vitamin B6 & B1.

I read somewhere it tastes better than the FF XII potion (like nothing does :/...) and has a sweet taste to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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