Homefront multiplayer: Fresh enough to dethrone CoD?

CVG: I could have been a contender.

I could have been a hero of the frontline; a gung-ho beast whose clattering assault rifle was the last thing that ever flashed in my enemy's eyes.

I could have been a legendary marksman, perched on high in my sniper's nest, popping craniums from distance like a surgeon of the battlefield.

But I am neither of those things. I'm tits-down in a mossy, dank cement pipe, grit in my face and woodlice wriggling in my hair. I'm panic-stricken, but I've dodged the heat of the battle, instead rather pathetically sheltering on the outskirts of warfare.

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DingDangDoo2880d ago

Did Fuel Of War do anything to COD ?

Homefront wont either. Dont listen to the hype, The game will be terrible.

Phenix_Rising2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Frontlines came out a few months after COD4, COD wasn't nearly as popular as it is now until COD4 so it's hard to say. If a Frontlines 2 was released around the same time as WaW it would be a better judgment. Frontlines must have done something to COD as people still play it on XBL every day, and I'm one of them.

What's sad is a small studio such as Kaos with a low budget game like Frontlines can have dedicated server and support 50 players on XBL with very little lag. Yet a multimillion dollar publisher backing up COD studios can't even run 16 players without lag, and still to this day after all the money they made, still not have dedicated servers.

DirtyLary2880d ago

trolling trolling trolling rawhide!

DingDangDoo2880d ago

Not Trolling, Its bound to be an updated Fuel Of War, And that game was shitty.

So you go out and spend £40 on it, It will be £3.99 in Tesco 6 months down the line, Just like Fuel Of War was.

jizzyjones2880d ago

Fresh? No Dethrone COD? No

jaosobno2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

The game itself looks terrible, I wouldn't count on this crap becoming a hit.

Plus I'm really sick of this Team America vs Russians/Koreans/Germans/Arabs crap, it got old loooong time ago.

MidnytRain2880d ago

Here we go, people calling games crap before they're even released. Ugh.. So mainstream..

Marked2880d ago

I'm cynical and condescending Ugh... I'm mainstream too..

Its not hard to see a pile of crap after you've stepped in one several times.

Hope floats and so does some crap!

MidnytRain2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

There is nothing wrong with not having an interest in an upcoming game. But it just doesn't make sense to say it's BAD when you haven't played it. That's like saying a movie sucks based on trailers and sneak-peaks before you even see it. Some people said Borderlands would flop. Some people said Batman: Arkham Asylum would flop. I'm not all too surprised to see that both of those games did well commercially and critically, despite of the negative pre-release comments from people who hadn't played it.

galgor2880d ago

It won't. This is a new IP vs an established +$1 billion yearly selling franchise.

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The story is too old to be commented.