Niitsuma Discusses MvC3 Netcode (Lag)

More Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 news today. Those of us worried about the online experience in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 can apparently stop now as Ryotta Niitsuma, Director and Producer behind the game, says that the net code is “speed of light”…

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Myst2555d ago

"Niitsuma also talked about how the player would be able to pre-select team builds and save them to their profile before entering multiplayer, thus negating the need to pick your characters before every match."

OMG yes!

Komega2555d ago

I know right, this game is gonna ROCK!

Myst2555d ago

Yeah! Thank goodness the weeks are starting to fly by now. Shouldn't be too long till that game is in our hands. Hoping for a midnight launch just as well.

bacrec12555d ago

Will there be 8 man lobbies like SSF4? Anybody know?

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