EU Super Paper Mario Problems

After taking months and months to finally release Super Paper Mario in Europe, it's now emerged that there's a potential bug in the game that freezes gameplay and requires you to reset your Wii.

According to Nintendo Europe "the situation where the error occurs is so specific, it's very possible that you may not experience any issue at all". However, just in case, it's released a statement regarding the potential bug - which occurs at the start of chapter 2-2 - and has offered to replace copies of the game with a new version that doesn't contain the problem.

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RadientFlux3931d ago

great... so instead of doing a recall Nintendo is only going to send you a new copy of the game once your addicted and have an issue

FreeMonk3931d ago

The PAL users get screwed over by the really late release date, and then they get a copy that freezes!!

Nintendo need to do something about releasing titles at the same time like Microsoft and Sony do.

What boggles me is that the USA version works fine on a PAL console with a modification chip, so how hard is it do just transfer it over with the added subtitles for different languages??

AndrewR3931d ago

It happened to me, I restarted and it played fine.

monkey6023931d ago

Well I'm glad I waited to buy this anyway.