CliffyB on keeping Unreal Engine fresh

Bioshock, Mass Effect, Stranglehold... it seems everyone is using Epic's developer-adored Unreal Engine 3 - but how long before the Gears of War engine starts to look a bit date?

Not any time soon, according to Gears overlord Cliff Bleszinski: "A lot of that comes down to the art department and what their style is, right?" The finely-groomed designer told CVG.

When UE3 finely does begin to slug behind CryEngine 2 and the other jungle-rendering super-engines, Cliffy says Epic will probably make a few modifications to knock it up a gear.

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bootsielon3835d ago

And the engine can be compared to a whore's service; everyone's using it for a little money!

Nth RooCH3835d ago

Loading. Almost every game I've ever played with the unreal 3 engine has a ridiculous problem with loading up the textures and skins. You'll find as soon as you enter a new area in any game using the engine, everything for a second or two will be completely plain, followed up by the appropriate texture. I really f***ing hate that because firstly it ruins the immersive element of the game, and secondly it can last for quite a while with relation to character skins. In Bioshock in particular you can run up to a corpse and it will remain this very base, one colour body for ages. Totally ruins the experience of being in an immersive storyline.

BloodySinner3835d ago

What does a GFX engine have to do with storyline? It doesn't make any sense.

tony3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

i agree with the first 2 comments. what about the pop ups on the textures? bad too. the only thing i don't agree is about bioshock. there was nothing that i saw in bioshock "that ruined experience of being in an immersive storyline", nothing! i'm just waiting for the offset engine,and the id one. those 2 engine are something else.

Nth RooCH3835d ago

If you are playing a game, the environments craft the immersive quality of a game. As you wander through a city, for the city to remain looking as it should really gets you into the game, make you feel you are there. But for the textures to be bland as you walk through a door, only to load a second later, doesn't exactly give it that immersive feeling. It's not like that has ever happened to you in real life, y'know?

You've never had texture pop ups in Bioshock? I'd say it's one of the worst games for it. And even worse for body textures. I can't tell you how many times I've ran through a level to find a big daddy with really plain skin, only for the full skin to load after I've stood waiting. Same with the level textures. I've had the same experience with every unreal 3 engine game, Rainbow six Vegas, Gears of war, Bioshock. It's the engine's method of texture loading which clearly provides a problem.

tony3834d ago

i seen it worst on rainbow six and gears of war but i didn't see it in bioshock. although i played the first two with my first 360 and bioshock with the 360 elite ; i don't know if it makes any difference.