TGS07: Metal Gear Solid 4 to include Online Starter Pack

Metal Gear Solid 4 will include a small taste of the Metal Gear Online experience through an included "Starter Pack" mode, Hideo Kojima revealed at the Konami press conference today in Tokyo. A new trailer highlighted the game's sharp graphics, which nearly match the visual fidelity of its single-player counterpart.

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Hades13373902d ago

I guess this means that MGO will ship separately sometime later in 2008. At least the PS3 has two MGS games to market as opposed to one.

AliC3902d ago

Perhaps its will only appear on the PSN, though they did the same sort of thing with Warhawk, though that was a online game only and not based on a Single player game.

sandip7873902d ago

i wonder how deep this starter pack will be

Maldread3902d ago

I guess most people want MGS4, but by giving them a demo of MGS: Online with MGS4, they could convince them to pick up the online version as well. It worked with me with DMC1 for me, as RE: Code Veronica had a demo of it included and got me wanting more.

If it`s on the PSN it could work too, but i think to include it in the box, would get more people to try it, as they would go: "hmm, what`s on the extra disc included here", intead of finding it on the PSN (not everyone is that online oriented yet, even though that can sound a bit strange).

A combination of both could be good though, as those who didn`t pick up MGS4 could try it as well.The bonus of having it on the disc, would be to not have to download it and take up HDD space ;)

HeartlesskizZ3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

No matter how it turns out ill get it as I never been disappointed by Kojima...

They are going to have a 6vs6 online match at tgs. I hope they show it

sajj3163902d ago

they should rename Konami to Kojima. Even Zone Enders was an enjoyable PS2 experience. I'm looking forward to new stuff by Kojima but I certainly will miss his involvement in the Metal Gear series.

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