PGR4: Four New Gameplay Videos

Gamespot has recently added new gameplay videos of the highly anticipated PGR4. The embedded versions are included, click the link for HD resolution (subscription required), enjoy.

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JasonXE3929d ago

they would add small upgrades for cars you buy to combat weather conditions. Not as heavy duty as Forza but small stuff like tires.

Microsoft Knight3929d ago

any time pos3 can offer espicially gran tursimo with it's cgi mixed in with gameplay craphics to make up for the lake of prop;ert hardwared

BloodySinner3929d ago

Whoever you are, just go back to your hole.

akaFullMetal3929d ago

dude your an idiot, i think pgr4 and gt5 will be awesome, one trying to be an aracade like game, other trying to be a sim, both will be good, so shut up

mistertwoturbo3929d ago

microsoft should make PGR4's graphics with Forza 2's physics, then it would compete with GT5, or even dominate it. GT5 will win over japan with it's simulation especially the type of race cars there. and the japanese loves they're race cars. while PGR4's arcadey gameplay will be only loved by the U.S. both games will be great. but the final version of GT5 is a force to be reckoned with.

BIGBAER3929d ago

PGR's Multiplayer is unrivaled with regards to racing games. With the sole exception of the Nurburgring tracks, all of PGR's other tracks are comprised of close-quartered, extremely challenging city-street tracks.

I love ALL racing games but nothing compares to the adrenaline rush delivered by PGR's manic multiplayer. Serious, hectic, demanding stuff.

I can't wait!

JasonXE3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

though, the way you drive the cars, high speeds, multiplayer madness are what makes pgr fun. I actually got bored of Forza 2 because it was to sim like. I found more fun in the features (able to do with your car) then actually playing the game. All I did was drive a car at above normal speeds ..zzz..z. Wasn't allowed to crash or do something different except test new settings against others. It's like a FPS with no gun or a RPG with a subpar storyline lol.

power of Green 3929d ago

Looks good I guess all the bashing Meus Interpretation was doing was a waste of time. If you're wondering what my beef with him is about its because I cought him using PGR pics from past games trying to pass them off as PGR4 pics by mixing them and posting all of them as new PGr4 pics. Don't Lie about it Meus Interpretation I'll post the proof.

Rybnik3929d ago

POG, I'm very glad you were right in claiming that the intro and amazing screens were (basically) representative of the actual in-game. This is what I had hoped PGR3 was going to look. I am quite happy that BC wasn't rushed this time around! Did ya check out the Direct Feed intro??
I posted the link right below.

Close_Second3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

...but is it just me or do the car shadows pretty much suck. All the outside views show shadows as if the sun is almost directly above the car.

Again, a very minor thing.

@5.1 - Just so you know this game is a must have if you're a PGR fan. I enjoyed PGR3 and am looking forward to picking up PGR4 in October.

Rybnik3929d ago

Yeah, maybe. Dude, you are really nit-picking though. If I was to mention any sort of fault it is that the game doesn't have anti-aliasing on EVERYTHING. It is such an enormous improvement over PGR3 that I don't care though. BC has really done this one right!

In case no one noticed I posted the HD intro for this as well, earlier, you know the one everyone (including me) was really skeptical about. After seeing this ingame, I do think the intro is as well (minus extra AA).