GameSpot: Assassin's Creed Updated Hands-On Plus Screens

Assassin's Creed is basically finished. After a four-year development cycle that began right after Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time shipped to retail, the Assassin's team at Ubisoft's renowned Montreal studio is now putting the last touches on the first submission build of the game before it goes into rigorous testing. Sure, bugs will come back from Sony and Microsoft's approval teams, and the developers will have a precious handful of weeks to fix those bugs, optimize the frame rate, and apply that last, vital coat of polish. But the game's feature set, level design, and mission structure are now set in stone.

GameSpot were pleasantly surprised at the breadth and diversity of the gameplay when they had a chance to sit down with that nearly finished build for an extended tour of Acre, one of Assassin's three primary cities, with a little guidance from creative director Patrice Désilets.

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Kratosnake3837d ago

Finally.. a screenshot that is NOT of Altair crouching ontop of some building.

bung tickler3837d ago

looks nice, makes me feel better about the $40 i put down twords my copy at gamestop.

Alcohog3837d ago

This game will disappoint.

neogeo3837d ago

I'm the one thats been saying this game will be crap on all systems.
I can just feel it

[email protected]3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

U know sometimes I thought on the same way as u. Let's give a little of hope into this game.

Figboy3837d ago

the Prince of Persia games were *SOOOO horrible...

*rolls eyes*

Ubisoft Montreal has a solid track record with the PoP trilogy, and this game is simply open-world Prince of Persia, so i have more than a bit of hope that this game will, at the least, entertain.

man, some of you guys are so damn cynical...

[email protected]3837d ago

I might... why always have to be a Xbox360 version or a demo from the Xbox360 huh?. Anyway... I pre-order my PS3 copy I hope don't get dissapointed and get some REALLY BIG fun on the game.

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