Paddon and Sterling Give Game Journalism a Breath of Fresh Air

Joseph Jackmovich of gamrFeed briefly discusses the recent Original Gamer podcast featuring Ben Paddon and Jim Sterling. He states that the two make for an unlikely pair and really do an excellent job of discussing some of the merits and failings of game journalism.

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Kon2853d ago

Sterling can go to hell

30sec2853d ago

We agree on something. He's the last person to speak on the failings of games journalism.

1) He's not a game journalist, he's a blogger
2) He only seeks hits and does so by flamebaiting everything he writes.
3) He reviews games he doesn't finish (i.e Halo Wars)
4) He's quite literally, a douchebag

ssdninja2853d ago

Sterling says himself on the podcast he would never consider himself a game journalist. He seems to be flamboyant and crass, but I don't think he's at the level of Gawker when it comes to hit-begging, his review strategy is a whole other argument entirely, and the last is an opinion. I find him really quite amicable.

30sec2853d ago

I don't care what you think.

bmw692853d ago

Great piece - I really loved this