Rodea: The Sky Soldier debut trailer

First trailer for Rodea: The Sky Soldier, from the creator behind Sonic.

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Venox20082830d ago

but devs are making a mistake.. sales could be higher for wii if it was an exclusive, now it can be (I don't know if it will) that people will buy a lot of more 3ds version than Wii's and devs will talk again "that wii games don't sell" :/ game lookin' good, like sonic in the sky :)

matey2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

the cost will be split so it doesnt matter if 1 version does all the sales the devs will see it as a success on both platforms thats how it works so in other words more 3ds/wii games will get made its the whole reason cross platform is there u get 2 chances with the same buget give or take ie 3ds gets port from wii costs little more than what it would cost to do just 1 version ie 2 chances to make a profit ie 2 platforms

PlayerX2830d ago

Looks good. I might have to get this.

pcz2829d ago

you never know, the 3ds might be a crutch for the wii. we might start to see more games with parallel releases for wii/ds.

if that happens then we could have the metal gear solid snake eater on wii... just not 3d. and the same for street fighter etc. maybe nintendo will use that relationship to bridge the gap between console and handheld so its even closer than before. until one day, you can play the same game on your console as on your handheld.

i mean, i really dont understand why the 3ds gets these great exclusives, but then developers say it wont happen on the wii. like grand theft auto and street fighter.

anyway, im not so sure about this sky soldier game. sin and punishment looks better

matey2829d ago

In these positions Nintendo once say SSF4 is out on 3ds Ninty could demand a port on wii as it cost almost nothing if nintendo want any game from 3ds to wii its easy as wii is more capable Graphically plus only rendered once aswell would make 3ds to wii very easy remember 3ds is like the raw power of 1.5 gamecubes with added shaders,Wii is like 2.5 gamecubes in raw power and can display 360 level graphics as Last story represents

matey2829d ago

Raw power means nothing 4 graphics its what ur gpu can do end of and pixel fillrate as with MGS 3ds shows high level graphics takes a ps2 game and makes it cinematic with less raw power then wii,Ps2 did GT4 with not much Raw power 133mhz gpu RAW POWER MEANS NOTHING