Three PS3 Rumors in Famitsu with White Knight Story's Release Date

onAXIS reports three rumors originated from the latest Famitsu magazine issue (9/18/2007.) One of the rumors says White Knight Story will debut on January 31, 2008 for 8,990 yen (US$78 or 56 Euros.)

The other two rumors are about a "megaton" announcement at the Tokyo Game Show that will supposedly save PS3 (onAXIS questions if the "megaton" could be the Final Fantasy VII remake) and a third-party game with development totally funded by Sony.

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Marona3838d ago

>>;... just get on with start TGS'07 already!

blackrose53838d ago

I thought the white knight story would take some time to complete, but none the less this is great news!

Azures3837d ago

AAA RPGs, the reason I bought a PS3!

Final Fantasy, White Knight Story, Kingdom Hearts...goood times!

Darkiewonder3837d ago

As long as the rumors consist of nothing but JRPG's i'll be oh so happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.