Another Xbox 360 Has Red Ring of Death

And the owner happens to be a contributor of He is glad that he owns a PS3 and Wii as well, although he admits that the lack of PS3 games has compelled him to keep going back to his faulty Xbox 360. For now, he can only wish a "higher authority" would step in and hold Microsoft accountable for a business attitude "to put profit before ethics."

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wil4hire3931d ago

If this was a Car or even a Phone, there would be a massive recall.

You shouldn't have to go through this, after spending $ on any product you purchase in the modern world. Especially from a Company like microsoft who clearly has the money to fix these issues.

BIadestarX3931d ago

It's all relative fanboy... the xbox 360 have so many great games and a 3 year warranty that people rather be 3 weeks without their console while is being repaired instead of being with a console that has no freaken games ala PS3. mmmm... let me see... console collecting dust until any RTS games, Metal Gear, Final fantasy for another year... or wait 3 weeks... get the idea?
By the way... I had the option of buying a PS3 or wii... but the xbox 360 has more good games than both of those consoles put together.. I heard so much about RROD that I bought another xbox 360.. now I have 2... never had a problem with any of them.. now I have one that I dont even use. how about that? if one breaks... mmmm.. I send one for repairs.. better 2 xbox 360 than 1 PS3 without and good games.

leon763931d ago

"I find it unfortunate that so many 360's die and the owners do absolutely nothing about it." - did you just read the bladestar comment???? now you know!!!! they are completly blind!!!1 and he calls you a fanboy!!!! MS do everything they want with this guys!!!!!!

Biphter3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Its people like you that let Microsoft get away with this $hit. I'm curious to see how you would feel if this happens to you the day you buy Halo 3 (to BOTH your machines).

My launch Xbox 360 died in January after it had had some serious play time on GoW. It was out of warranty (back then) by 2 months so I dumped it and stuck with my PS2 until March when I bought a PS3. Ok, theres not many games out on PS3 just yet but its not like there is nothing.

I would like an Xbox 360 again one day, but right now im scared to buy one! I don't want the hassle if it breaks, its not right and the more people like you defend Microsoft the more they get away with what I see as a crime.

N4Gworks4Sony3931d ago


InMyOpinion3931d ago

My 360 is currently in for repairs (had it for a year and a half) which sucks since I can't play any games atm. But the service was great, the dude was from India but his english was spotless and he greeted me very nicely. He gave me clear instructions on what to do and I did'nt have to wait more than 1-2 minutes to get help. Since you have 3 years warranty on your 360 and you know you'll get it repaired for free, I only feel more secure as an owner. What happens if your PS3 craps out? It might happen once people start playing games on it instead of watching movies (god forbid!). Bottom line, in my opinion the 360 has better games and a more justifiable pricetag. I don't see how I could ever miss out on games like Bioshock, Mass Effect and Halo 3. MGS 4 and Gran Turismo 5 I will be missing most on the PS3. If they give it a humane pricetag (I have no use for Blu-Ray since I stream movies from my computer - movies on disc is just so 1997 ;) ) I might pick one up.

khellendros13931d ago

I don't understand you MS guys. I play my PS3 everyday. I'm trying to find time to play the PS3 games and all the new PS2 games there coming out that are better than most next gen titles. What you guys don't understand is that we still have 2 generations of games to play. Sony didn't give up on the last generation like MS. I'm sorry for the people who go through the RROD but it's you own fault for putting up with it.

AngryTypingGuy3931d ago

Microsoft denied any problem for awhile, but they finally did right by the customer. They have extended warranties, paid back repair fees, added heatsinks, and soon will have smaller, cooler, microchips. I guess it's true, you can never please everybody.

Why do people stick with Microsoft? It's the games, baby. They are unmatched by any other system. Also, if you read the web, people make it sound like every system is broken. Remember, people who are mad make A LOT MORE NOISE than people who are happy. My 360 works just fine, and runs at a relatively cool temperature.

InMyOpinion3931d ago

Once you've gotten used to playing next-gen games I find it hard to go back to playing last gen. I really don't think there are that many people who bought their PS3 in order to play last-gen games. If I want something "lighter" I'd go for XBL arcade or PSN games.

BulletToothtony3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

there's dozenz of comments about how the ps3 sucks.. and they're all made by people who don't own one, you can say what you want but i play my ps3 everyday, and they're good games...

just because i don't have a 360 i don't trash it, in fact i mostlikely will buy one when there is a STRONG and FIRM evidence that the rrod have been fixed, but i'm not gonna buy a new console for them to send me a used one 6 months later, [and also when i make sure they will keep supporting the system longer than 2009 cause as of now, i think MS will comeo out with a console not too far from now]

people stop hating on the ps3, it has good games and they look awesome, how many threads to we get at the forums from 360 users that say, i used to hate the ps3 and i had no idea how good the games look.. you guys really don't know what you're talking about, the lack of games thing has ended, let it go, find something new now please

you're all like old people that say, young people are terrible, did they forget they were young once? did you forget you didn't have any games at one point? either way the ps3 it's a great console, whether you accept it or not, i don't care, i'm off to play some more, peace

Foo Skeptic3931d ago

What will happen after 3 years of warranty? What will happen if my 360 gets the RRD? Microsft would exchange my Xbox? Will I need to pay to get it fixed? Well I am worried you know, games are not cheap, no one would want to buy a xbox that has been opened and had that problem before, I would have a piece of crap at my bedroom on 2010, yes, maybe you can say that is a long time but I like to have my cosoles playable for all life (I still have my Nes, Snes, Dreamcast, etc), I guees better option is to sell it as soon as I can instead of losing my money

Think about it..

secret3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Aside from the unethical practice of sending out faulty products, most people don't seem to acknowledge or recognize that Microsoft is also imorally responsible for another crime --> restricting high quality graphics in this generation's games.

Microsoft is a B student and has tampered with Sony in every single way, shape, and form to prevent the A-student from doing it's thing. Because Microsoft is criminal like that.

The xbox360 is like a kit car that resembles an expensive sports car but can only run 60mph at the max speed. Not wanting to lose the race, it's done secret handshakes and dark deals in the middle of the night in dark alleys to make it a law (apparently) that all cars are only alowed to race at 60mph, too. Since it has ties to the race track owners.

The world wants to see the powerhouse black and brooding Lamborghinni of the PS3 plow though the racetrack at 200 to 400 mph. But unethically, without anyone really acknowledging it, Microsoft has tampered with it. But it won't be for long.

360 has maxed out already graphically. Look at Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Ninja Gaiden 2. NGS was created by some unimportant kids with limited resources and zero experience with the PS3. And this game is a remake port. Ninja Gaiden 2 is made by Itagaki himself with more than 10 years of experience on the xbox and xbox360 machines with a full staff that will also include those same kids at his command. One is a first gen game by unknown kids with zero experience with the console. The other is a third to fourth gen game created by the head of team ninja with a full staff with full experience of the console. And yet, because Ninja Gaiden 2 was secured by Microsoft to be on the xbox360 exclusively (or for now), Ninja Gaiden 2 doesn't even look that good, especially compared to the first gen Ninja Gaiden Sigma made by unimportant kids who didn't even know the PS3 at all when they started.....

That is the crime. All gamers suffer because Ninja Gaiden 2 would've been much better had it been made exclusively on the PS3 with Itagaki's calibre of staff and experience. But because Microsoft was bloody greedy, it demanded exclusivity on its inferior and fualty machine, and now gamers must suffer mediocre graphics from the xbox360 once again. Again, the B student selfishly demanding more. Let the A student dhow it's stuff for once -- the PS3 is ready. Look at Motortorm or Grand Turimso 5 or Killzone 2. You know the PS3 is stronger than what Microsoft allows it to be. Nothing on the xbox360 can mimic these first gen and second gen titles. Not even NInja Gaiden 2, a THIRD GEN / FOURTH GEN game by experienced developers working on the xbox360 for nearly 10 years.

The xbox360 is like a kit car that resembles an expensive sports car but can only run 60mph at the max speed. Not wanting to lose the race, it's done secret handshakes and dark deals in the middle of the night in dark alleys to make it a law (apparently) that all cars are only alowed to race at 60mph, too. Since it has ties to the race track owners. And because of that, all gamers suffer, including the xbox360 owners. They'll never really see 200 mph or 400 mph or even 1000 mph speed. Microsoft must be stopped. PS3 won't hold back for long...Grand Turimso 5 will be coming out. Killzone 2 will too. Motorstorm showed an example of what the PS3 can do.

secret3931d ago

Like Ninja Giaden 2, with graphics like these, it hints that the xbox360 has maxed out graphically.

You should be concerned that this is a third / fourth gen title that is very (very) important like a new release of Mario and Ninja Gaiden. There should've been a breakthrough in graphical power, righ?

A) By the way, DVD isn't really hi-def despite talks about 720p / 1080p or else we wouldn't need HD-DVD or Bluray.

B) By the way, xbots will have spent the most money by the end of this generation for these reasons:
1) Internet fees of almost $400 to $500
2) Upgrading consoles for defective reasons
3) Buying a standalone bluray player (most likely a PS3) and / or an HD-DVD add on because the xbox360 lacks those
4) Buying a Wii because of motion sensing and eye toy that are lacking
5) Probably upgrading to the xbox720, adding another $400 to $600 because in a few years, the PS3 will put on its turbo boost and the xbox360 can't keep up anymore so it will release a new console prematurely to compete
6) all the number of games and movies and accessories purchased

Whether you like to believe it or not, that's the most money ever spent by people who brag about saving money.

C) By the way, micorosft is responsible for the crime of not only releasing fualty hardware, but also for restricting high quality graphics in this gen's games. Look at Halo or Ninja Gaiden 2 for example. Microsoft is a car that maxes out at 60mph. Not wanting to lose the race, the company rigged the laws so that all cars must not go beyond 60mph and unethically placed several roadblocks in front of the PS3 and other cars, even though the brooding PS3 lamborghinni knows it can burn rubber at 200mph or even 600 mph. Because of Microsoft, you not only get faulty hardware at a high price that can only play games, because of them, ALL gamers will have to settle for sub-par graphics this generation until we unleash the PS3. No one can tolerate unethical behavior forever. The cops are coming. The PS3 will be free, beginning with Grand Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy VIII and MGS4 and Killzone 2.

No one will tolerate Microsoft's 60mph law forever....

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Douchebaggery3931d ago

what was the point of that

chanto233931d ago

i want to upgrade to an Elite (the Halo version looks horrible) does anybody knows if the Elite failure rate is lower than the white ones??

joydestroy3931d ago

i'm pretty sure all the new ones are the same, except HDD space.
i've had mine since they came out in may and have had no problems.
i'm hoping my Elite will red ring though so i can get a best buy credit for 479 and get the premium for 349 and put that 130 bucks towards a PS3.

Shankle3931d ago

Aaaah, you know what they say, every cloud has a silver lining. There's finally a great reason to get a 360. If you like it, you can keep it, if you don't, you can switch once it breaks! You don't get choice like that from sony or nintendo.

Lol sorry, I'm no fanboy, I just couldn't resist :D

WIIIS13931d ago

Sony should be very concerned. Even with an alleged high failure rate for 360, PS3 can't compete.

joydestroy3931d ago

agreed, but i think Sony just hasn't hit that sweet spot yet.
they will. eventually.

Saint Sony3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Yeah it is amazing 360 does sooooo well even with so high failure rate ( I personally have no problems with my launch 360, yet)
@ wil4hire below

Don't you think it is pretty obvious the whole "news" is ment to be flamebait. "Another Xbox 360 Has Red Ring of Death", we all know 360 has issues with heating in some locations. Just because it happened to someone who is testing products does not make it any different. Like I said we all know 360 has issues, this is the oldest news ever. Even if there would not be any red ring news we would still know there's a problem.

This news is flamebait and yes, it seems to work.

wil4hire3931d ago

Why are you even bringing up sony? None of the comments have been made to crap on the 360 in any way shape or form. Doesn't everyone get sick of every news story here being turned into a flamewar? People need to grow up.

tudors3931d ago

are not has frequent.