Final Fantasy VII remake to be announced today at TGS?

A third party game that will save the PlayStation 3 in Japan is to be announced tomorrow and whatever this new title is, it's being fully funded by Sony Computer Entertainment.

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NoUseMerc3713d ago

Final Fantasy VII is one of those games that if its to be redone, Square had better be careful and do everything correctly or the fans will be pissed.

rukusa3713d ago

I completely agree merc, but most of those fans have a screw loose. They push for it without thinking what it will be like.

Of course they will love the announcement for it, but I bet that they will be p*ssed at square when the remake is released.

And THEY will have themselves to blame.

Genki3713d ago

the Venom debacle of Spider-Man 3 because of the "fans", or rather, Avi Arad in his infinite wisdom forcing Raimi and Sargent to shoehorn a fan favorite villian in there.

The same could happen with this. It's my favorite FF game like many others, but I wouldn't want a remake if it was just updated graphics and cinemas...the gameplay has to change, new abilities, materia, dungeons, secrets, weapons, the WORKS.

A few more of those arcade games wouldn't hurt either. Snowboarding rocked :)

Shadow Flare3713d ago

Final Fantasy VII was designed the way it was through the limitations of the psone. So if a remake is designed, they should remake it to the limitations of the ps3. Therefore i agree with Genki, they should heavily improve the Golden Saucer (+ online chocobo races maybe?), voice-acting (and for god's sakes PLEASE include the Japanese voices with english subtitles, the american voice-acting is terrible), ps3 powered landscapes, graphics, sound quality...the only thing i'd want them to keep the same is actually the battle system. Unless they really make the free-roaming battle system work well.

I think the reason most people want it exactly the same is because thats how we played the game like 7 times through; we know every single part of the game; its familiar. But we shouldn't be so stubborn cos a fresh and slightly dofferent experience will make us enjoy an FFVII remake even more, cos we don't know what to expect next.

I mean, of course, keep the story exactly the same, but just enable FFVII to be with the ps3 what it couldn't be with the psone. Make it the greatest game ever!

Genki3713d ago

I agree...loved the Golden Saucer and raising Gold Chocobos :)

Anyway, you hit the nail on the head with new twists. Almost EVERY dungeon should be completely different. New puzzles, new takes on old classic puzzles, new summons, new materia, more/new/different limit breaks, again I say the WORKS.

New dungeons, hidden areas, and bosses of course are a must. Hell, how about different places to find Yuffie and Vincent?(Maybe just Yuffie...because I'll be honest, getting her was just LAME)

Replay value would be nice too. The Tales games have always had the cool feature of tallying up particular points to spend on certain advantages, abilities, and/or items for your next playthrough. SE needs something similar for an FFVII remake, because nobody...and I mean NOBODY that I know who's beaten this game once has ONLY beaten it once.

Different things could be unlocked, certain areas accessible, new weapons, etc. etc.

I don't want a complete re-hash like some die-hards would. I want that same brilliant story in a contemporary, cutting edge, brilliant new box.

Here's to hoping.

randomGuyOnline3713d ago

I agree completely Genki. Square-Enix should keep the story intact and do some modifications here and there. New weapons,dungeons, and bosses would be awesome. I'm thinking that maybe Square-Enix could do some light modifications to the materia system, without completely changing it.

In the original FFVII they didn't include Vincent and Yuffie in the FMVs because of the lack of space on the CD. Since they have plenty of space on a Blu-ray disc, I wonder if they'll include Yuffie and Vincent in their FMVs. Maybe Yuffie and Vincent will become required characters in the game. Whatever the case, Square-Enix needs to add something, in order to spice it up a little bit. Whatever they decide, I know it'll be great.

poolsharky273713d ago

Even if they completely screw up, it wont matter. Those people will still end up buying the game. No matter how you look at it, it's gonna sell well.

nasim3713d ago

HALO 3 looks like a cartoon wii game and it would still sell millions among the existing XBOXERS.

FF7 no matter whatever it is will help ps3 overtake wii in JAPAN ,EU and NA.

It is just too massive a game. It is just like HALO 3 but has 20x more appeal and would be million sellers not just in NA but EU and JAPAN

I predict 10 m copies for Ff13,MGS 4, Gt5 ,WKS and FF7

console war comes to an end tomorrow

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zantetsuken3713d ago

This will save them in the states too. FF7 is one of the top 10 best selling games of all time.

cloudstrife3713d ago

Will this game be rleased on the ps3 or on the 360...

your answer will effect what console i buy.

correction: depending on you answer i will still by the ps3...

I just joined this website recently i love the orginal, so plz tell me is this a rumour or is ti true and which console will it be on...PLZ

3713d ago
zantetsuken3713d ago

Sony published the title, so it can't go anywhere without them saying so. It will never leave the PS platform.

cloudstrife3713d ago

Anything this game touched turns to GOLD.

U are u an RPG hater or do u hate Final Fantasy VII

Rybnik3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

OK, If this rumor is true, then I'll bet the true reason FF13 is so far behind in development is because the FF7 remake has taken priority, along with Last Remnant. Since the PS3 isn't selling nearly as well as Sony (and its 3rd party developers) would like, Its possible that Sony and Sqeenix want FF7 to hit first as it would be a sure-fire way to explode the PS3 userbase so that when the incredibly costly FF13 project is done, there will be enough PS3 users to recoup the investment.

Skerj3713d ago

That actually sounds plausible. Couple that with a well timed price drop and well you've got system sale explosion.

NoUseMerc3713d ago

FFXIII has been pushed back due to development of the White Engine. Actually Microsoft has been funding the development of the White Engine to be multiplatform and Square Enix has been pushing MS for tight terms and lots of money if they are to bring it to the Xbox 360.

As of now, the White Engine is multiplatform...not FFXIII. However MS has been negotiating with SE for about 9 months now and has offered huge sums of money to have FFXIII as well as Versus XIII co-release on the Xbox 360.

Also, there is rumor that Microsoft may look to buy exclusivity and have Square break contract with Sony like they did back in the old days with FFVII and Nintendo.

MalcomGrasley3713d ago

LOL NoUseMerc.

You started off well but you've managed to wander off into fanboy fantasy land with the last couple of posts.

Rybnik3713d ago

MG-you are the fanboy here, not NoUseMerc (you do realize he works for Playstation Universe.. right???)

On topic. Merc, do you think Sony would let the Final Fantasy franchise completely slip out of their hands though, really? It doesn't jive with the whole "impending anouncement of the SE game (fully Sony funded) that will save the PS3"

riksweeney3713d ago


A Japanese company giving all its revenue to an American company isn't really going to help the Japanese economy, so it's extremely unlikely that they'll make FFXIII an exclusive on a console that isn't selling in Japan.

Shadow Flare3713d ago

I get what you're saying but i don't think Square-enix would ever go exclusive to Microsoft for the following reasons:

-The reason they made the jump from Nintendo to Sony was simply because the PlayStation was using a CD based system, which was perfect for their ambitions in Final Fantasy VII. Otherwise, of course they would have stayed with Nintendo. They were the current major gaming company and Sony was a nobody in gaming. Xbox 360 offers nothing new, in fact it offers less then the ps3, so if Square-Enix went Microsoft exclusive, it would only be for the money

-Square-Enix take pride in the Final Fantasy series and want each game to be the best it can be so i don't they'd sell out just for money

-Square-Enix stated they wanted to make the playing field more level, so going completely exclusive to Microsoft is going against that statement. (And since PS3 is the only one lagging, an FFVII remake would certainly level the fields ;)

-Xbox 360 is doing absolutely crap in Japan. And the Japanese are their most popular audience

Square-Enix is one of the third party companies that take pride in their work (unlike EA) and don't just sell out for the money. Much like Kojima with Metal Gear Solid 4

WAR_MACHINE773713d ago

I agree with you Shadow Flare but to add to what you said SE owns sony a huge debt. Square would have completely tanked if not for Sony coming in and picking them up after the massive failure of The Spirits Within. Sony helped pay for further development and they agreed to handle distribution on there film when no one else would touch it after its box office flop. I would have to think that these up coming Final Fantasy games are their way of repaying this debt of gratitude to sony now that they need a shot in the arm.

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Meus Renaissance3713d ago

I've never played this game before yet I would buy it today without even checking the game such is the hype. My god