EA's "Project 10 Dollar" flaw

Post reads: "Recently, EA has implemented a pay-to-play online strategy that, as we know, does not benefit everyone. It was thoughtfully put together in their attempt to fight used game sales, rentals, and even piracy. When the consumer purchases an online EA title, they receive a voucher code in the game, for online access. For those who would rather wait and pick it up for a better price used, they have to pay EA $10 to play the game online. That sounds fair and seems like it could work."

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solidmic2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

I don't think EA forgot about the family at all. In fact, I think it is quite intentional on their part. Greedy bastards that they are. Only Activision is worst and not by much!

I for one do not buy any of their games that require the online code.When I do buy their game, it is always used! They do not get my money! A good example of this would be Dead Space 2. Love the first one. Could not wait for Dead Space 2, but I will not crumble to this immoral strategy and their greed. So I will pass, until I can get it cheap used and screw the online. Anyway, it's just another server that they will close down far too early, when there are still thousands of people playing!

If gamers would have a little more respects for themselves and not buy EA games, the online pass would be dead already!!!

We expect to sell 5 million Madden 11. Ooops, sinced online pass as gone live, we only sold 500 000 copies of Madden! End of the online pass. Pretty simple, no. Gamers, seriously, rise up and stop taking it up the a**!!!

The only flaw with EA 's online pass, are the stupid gamers who take it and accept it. Stop complaining about it and actually do something about it!!! Hit EA where it hurts! Everybody, just do it even if it's just one game!

I'm sure there will be somebody who will say (there is always an idiot)that EA as the right to do this. Wrong! What the hell makes them different than everybody else!?! When you buy a used Pontiac, do you have to pay pontiac for the right to drive it??? Ever hear of antique shops, used dvd's? Used books? Hell,libraries!The list goes on-and-on.

To finish, let's not forget this is the company that charges you for everything. If you buy Madden and then download every dlc for it, your copy of madden ends up costing you how much? 100$! For what, so that you can unlock all the uniforms, or plays or some other stupidity, that not only should be in the game but used to be in the game before this dlc bullsh*t.

What do you get in return? A bug infested game that requires patch after patch, even though the problem has existed since Madden '06!!! A roster update! Oh my! Etc, etc!

Greedy bastards!

k-dillinger2883d ago

i think you got it twisted my friend its Activision that nobody likes anymore not ea i guess you didnt get the memo...

solidmic2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

@ k-dillinger

Thanks for letting me know who to hate. I guess you really took the time to read my comment. Forget the fact that all the points I raised are valid and facts, you still chose to ignore them and post a meaningless comment.

It's okay though. I said that there is always an idiot that disagrees just for the sake of disagreeing. Congratulation for proving me right!!!

you may take the time to respond to this, but rest assured, I will not waste anymore of my time with you. Maybe when you decide to post something of intelligence, but I won't hold my breath.

My suggestion to you, would be. If you have nothing intelligent to say, just don't say anything. Trust me , you'll be doing everyone a favor!

Bnet3432882d ago

Good read. I'll have to think twice before buying an EA game.