Downloadable Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer Coming Tomorrow

At Konami's official TGS press conference being held in Japan live at press time, the company announced that a downloadable version of the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer (which will be shown at the event but with no recording allowed) will be available to the public on the 20th Sept at 10:00 am Tokyo time.

That may seem like a long ways off just going by the dates, but it's already mid-day on the 19th in Japan right now, which means that the trailer should be available to download at about 6:00PM PST tomorrow (and add a few hours for those on the East Coast.) It is unknown if this trailer will be up on just the Kojima Productions website or if it will also be released at the same time on PlayStation Network for PS3 users to watch on their big-screens.

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HeartlesskizZ3897d ago

My God! Kojima ill hit you in the nutts if you keep teasing me like this.
I cant take it anymore, Give me a playable demo pleaseeeeee.

zantetsuken3897d ago

4:39 PM: MGO will be released as the Metal Gear Online Starter Pack, bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4. Next, Portable Ops Plus, which comes out tomorrow. They're showing a new trailer for the game


Duke Nukem3897d ago

Great to see good games are living to the hype.

UnblessedSoul3897d ago

Awesome can't wait to see it

riksweeney3897d ago

If it goes up on the PlayStation network then European users can look forward to watching it this time next year...

Keowrath3897d ago

ROFL how true! You'd be playing the game before you got to see the trailer!

If I was stuck with only the UK PSN I would probably sell my console... *thinks about MGS4* Ok, I retract that statement! But DAMN UK PSN sux!

Thank god for multiple accounts. US, HK and JPN accounts FTW!

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