GameStop Leaked 3DS Titles Upcoming Release Dates

Botchweed: "Thanks to the joy of the internet we’ve got our hands on a list of GameStop’s upcoming 3DS titles, not only with the dates they come in, but also with the SKU"

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DarkBlood2552d ago

the dates seem a little off, if its month/day/ year then that would make some of the launch titles seem a little late if it was the other way around it would seem too early

this has got to be the most inaccurate guess of a release date considering i know for a fact at least OOT, re mercenaries, ridge racer are launch titles

EddyD2552d ago

Its direct from a GameStop.

killyourfm2552d ago

These are placeholder dates...internal Gamestop release dates change ALL the time, and are more for pre-orders than anything else

Active Reload2552d ago

Samurai Warriors is $49.99 son, $49.99...o_O

DarkBlood2552d ago

eh i guess your right, im just taking little too seriously when it comes to these small things

MAJ0R2552d ago

damn that is expensive for a handheld game

Scary692552d ago

Thanks but no thanks, I will wait for a better deal on this system and I also want to check it out before I purchase it.

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redd0r2552d ago

Of course it's month/day/year. What month do you know with 27 days in it!?

It's an official list with the SKU codes, but you're right. I'm sure you know better.....

Blaze9292552d ago

nothing is leaked. It's a RETAILER. All they do is use likely placeholder dates and just change it once it's official.

mikel1232552d ago

Whats your source for the FACT that OoT will be a launch title?

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Rampaged Death2552d ago

Holy crap 2nd of June is going to be huge. It's going to be a money grabbing day for sure.

Eamon2552d ago

All the most anticipated 3DS titles have that date!

MolotovMan12632552d ago

why does Dead or Alive come out before the 3DS does?

Axecution2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

It seems like a massive amount of the games on the 3DS are just N64 games in 3D...

I already have all those N64 games on the N64, my PC, my Macbook, PSP emulators, my phone, iPod Touch, etc. I'll get the 3DS on release day but they better have more than just Kid Icarus.

eggbert2552d ago

These are placeholders aren't they? Gamestop always does this...

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