America's Army: True Soldiers Hands-On

When it first started, the America's Army project seemed like a bit of a novelty to IGN. The idea of creating a top tier online FPS and then giving it away for free purely to increase gamers' awareness of the US Army's day to day operations just didn't fit any of the patterns IGN had come to expect from the industry. But now, years later, the game has continued to grow in popularity thanks to the constant and consistently large updates that the Army keeps packing in.

Now Red Storm and Ubisoft are working together to create a version of America's Army for the Xbox 360. (The less said about the previous version, the better.) The new game, America's Army: True Soldiers, promises to offer online cooperative campaign play that's far beyond anything we've seen in the console world so far. IGN recently had a chance to head down to Red Storm to play the game themselves with the game's designer Randy Greenback and the Army's representative Sgt Tommy Rieman.

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gamesR4fun3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

wheres the revolutionary gameplay? Graphics wise Id say its a next gen game but I just don't see anything new?

no buts read the review looks great. Heres hoping its not exclusive ;)

N4GayFanturds3837d ago

You have to watch what you say when you're near enemies becuase they can hear you, if they are close. The team leader and squad leader updates the team on the sit and everyones' whereabouts. What you do on the field increases your chances of leading your squad or team.

This sounds like a true TEAM based game. But the graphics look like GRAW 1 (not bad but a little old).

MyNutsYourChin3837d ago

Was that the beach from the original Halo?

I've played AA since it was first released on the PC. It is top notch when it comes to "realistic" warfare scenarios, sound effects, visuals, etc. (as realistic as one can get on the computer). As it should be since it was the US Army who directed the development and production of the game. I'll be getting this one. It won't make me join the Army but I'll definately support our system and troops with other means.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3837d ago

Some people protest the Army for useing games as a recruitment tool but this is a new era, its not to different from when the Army used posters, propaganda films or music on the radio back in the 40s to recruit for WWII.

As for the game Red Storm tells me enough to put my money down and we all know multiplayer is going to befun and realistic which is what I love about the games.